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Reviews for Marked By Dark

blacksparrow 2012.06.13 - 12:30PM 4: Chapter 4 Signed
This is wonderful! I really wish that it was finished.

Author's Response: Thank you! I'll admit I haven't looked at this for a very long time. Maybe it's time I pay it a visit.

LadySeverus 2011.06.16 - 05:59PM 4: Chapter 4 Signed
Just stumbled on this from the story spinner thingy at the top of the page. I loved the vignettes of Snape's early life. These are generally my fave Snape fics. Authors like you help me fill in the blanks left by JKR and satisfy my craving to read about these years. Thanks!

Author's Response: Thanks for stopping by, I'm really pleased you enjoyed it :)

morgaine_dulac 2008.10.05 - 10:34AM 4: Chapter 4 Signed
Poor Severus. He has never been dark enough for the Dark Side. Is this the scene you let Sarah see in the Pensive? /M

Author's Response: It was indeed. This one memory accounts for his issues with sex and consent and also his fear of intimacy.

morgaine_dulac 2008.10.05 - 10:30AM 3: Chapter 3 Signed
Any story of the moment Severus receives the Dark Mark is uncanny, and this one is certainly well written, too. /M

Author's Response: Thank you, most kind.

morgaine_dulac 2008.10.05 - 10:23AM 2: Chapter 2 Signed
Poor, poor Severus. That whole chapter made me go 'naw'. Poor lad. But it was still so sweet in a way. Cheers. /M

Author's Response: For me, it makes sense for him to have had a taste of Lily which fuelled his love/obsession even more.

pitwitch 2008.08.13 - 05:51PM 4: Chapter 4 Signed
A trip to the Dark Side -- look forward to more.

Author's Response: Thank you, no wonder he's an embittered creature!

severus_slave 2008.08.11 - 01:39AM 4: Chapter 4 Signed
Wow, this was hard but it showa you realistically what he would be expected to do as a Death Eater. I am glad he did not relish the rape as bringing him back into the light from that would prove difficult. But, I can also see how through the years of double living, it would make him that much more fiercely protective of the Hogwarts students. So much so, that he seems cruel in his approach, when in fact he is trying to share the harsh realities of life with them in order to spare them the same fate.

Author's Response: It was also as much of a rape for him as it was for her, forced to give up his virginity like that. To give you a sense of time, this happened in Jan and in Oct Lily and James were killed

seachange 2008.08.06 - 12:39AM 3: Chapter 3 Signed
These little glimpses into Snape's life are quite well done. I'm looking forward to seeing more and where you plan to take this.

Author's Response: Most kind, thank you! It's safe to say he's had an uncommonly tough life.

severus_slave 2008.08.01 - 03:11AM 2: Chapter 2 Signed
Oh poor Severus, he really can't get a brake can he? I was so happy to read the kiss and felt so bad for him when she broke away. I've often wondered if the did lead him on. I mean can a guy and a girl really be only best friends and never knowingly develop feelings for one another? She has to know what she's doing to him. I can't wait to read more.

Author's Response: Thanks for reading! There is no pain quite like unrequited love...

a1severuslives 2008.07.28 - 07:46PM 2: Chapter 2 Signed
I really like Severus' unsureness, total lack of confidence. His complete unawareness that Lily sees him as a friend only. Nicely written.

Author's Response: Thank you, that's a huge compliment! I've never really let anyone read any of my work before so it's wonderful to get such good feedback. I just want to hug the poor boy, he's had a tough time of it. Sadly, it's only going to get worse...

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