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Reviews for A More Merciful Man

Nephthys 2017.02.09 - 10:51PM 51: Epilogue Signed
Such a beautiful, well-crafted tale. So well written. The command of language throughout is delicious, and the characters - especially this AU Severus Snape - entirely believable and loveable. Humour, angst and PWP done perfectly. This story goes a long way to assuaging the harsh tragedy of his life and death in the novels. No idea if you'll see this, but - I wish you'd come back and write more stories. Even just vignettes spinning off this one. What are the twins' names? What kind of mischief will they manage to drive Severus mad with paternal angst and unanticipated affection? How do Jane's devotion and forbearance develop over the years? How does their passion for each other combine with their family life? Won't they need bigger quarters and a new place to live? What about a chapter or a story featuring our beloved Potions Master drinking 'Champagne'? We haven't seen that yet. :) Snape will *always* be fascinating to readers. He's the Byronic (anti)hero of our literary age. I don't think we can get enough good stories, however long it's been since DH was published.

Saga Benjamin 2015.09.07 - 05:49PM 51: Epilogue Signed
Just finished reading it over the course of a couple weeks. You'll probably never see this comment, but thanks so much for finishing the story. It was lovely, and very well written. You have a wonderful command of the English language, and you're true to your characters.

hotstuff 2013.06.26 - 01:59PM 51: Epilogue Signed
Love it!! You are Amazing!!! I Hope you Will keep on writingIng!

mkwiant 2012.09.11 - 09:39AM 51: Epilogue Signed
the best ss/oc story i have ever read

bessiesgrand 2012.01.26 - 06:04PM 51: Epilogue Signed
This was fantastic--love, loove your Snape. He is very believable throughout. Also, l really like Jane, convincing and intelligent. This story made me laugh and made me cry. Thanks a lot.

Hequet 2011.08.24 - 08:37PM 51: Epilogue Signed
You... are something so far beyond amazing that the light from amazing hasn't even reached there yet and probably won't for eons and eons. This heartbreakingly honest and truthful work rends me to little bits and dances happily amongst the wreckage. All your blood, sweat, tears, and toil have wrought this exquisite jewel and I can only sit back, exhausted, from its beauty. Thank you for sharing your art with us.

Author's Response: Bows deeply

er121876 2011.06.15 - 10:07AM 51: Epilogue Signed
I. NEED. a. sequel. NOW. Please?! xx

Jimena Graystone 2010.11.21 - 07:39AM 51: Epilogue Signed
Oh God, this story was so good. It took me hours to read in one shot - more than 10, I think. All evening and night until dawn and beyond, but it was so worth it! Thank you for sharing this.

Livanna 2009.12.20 - 03:57PM 51: Epilogue Signed
I lift a glass to you! I have just finished reading this beautiful story and I found it not but a week ago, For all us Severus Snape fans YOU have given us what we all needed. The ending to him that he deserved. Love, passion, a life and a family! None of this horrible Lily evans drivil that was forced on us. I adore the harry potter books and truly admire JK for her stunninng world, but I do beileve our beloved Severus was sold short and had alot more to offer than Lily and angst. You truly have made my christmas with this and I plan to share it! Thank you.

Wiccan 2009.10.01 - 11:42PM 51: Epilogue Signed
The wittiest repartee I have ever read. You NEVER let up, chapter by chapter. I absolutely loved it.

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