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Reviews for Best Savoured Cold

AmyLouise 2010.07.01 - 01:45AM 7: Chapter Seven Signed
I've just read this story straight through and loved it. A quite convoluted plot, very well conceived. Great work.

Author's Response: Thanks so much AmyLouise. So glad you enjoyed it. Scaranda

countesszero 2010.06.28 - 01:59AM 7: Chapter Seven Signed
i should be writing my own story at the moment but i chose to be distracted and began reading chapter 01 of yours instead. now its 3pm in the afternoon and i still haven't typed a word - but instead finished your story! the storytelling was very compelling, and the emotions between sirius black, severus snape and lucius malfoy were so realistic. i have a weakness for sirius black and lately i like lucius malfoy as well, although he rarely gets depicted in a good way. i felt sorry for him in this story because he seemed to genuinely love severus. i loved the overall cleverness of your story telling - the monte christo part i could have overlooked but i liked the whole heist idea :D and the use of potions in this plan. thank you for this!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for your comments, countesszero. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Scaranda

Titaniafey 2008.06.26 - 08:04PM 7: Chapter Seven Signed
I really enjoyed that. It was complicated and very clever and emotional without descending into slush. Snape was so typical of himself. Thanks for sharing

Author's Response: Thanks, Titaniafey. Glad you enjoyed it.

pitwitch 2008.06.26 - 12:28PM 7: Chapter Seven Signed
A truly engaging tale from beginning to end with all of my favorite Count of Monte Cristo elements along the way. Thanks so much for shariing, Pit

Author's Response: Thanks for that, Pit. And thanks for recognising the parallels.

pitwitch 2008.06.19 - 11:35AM 6: Chapter Six Signed

Author's Response: Thanks so much for that. I hope you enjoy the last bit.

arcticvixen 2008.05.29 - 05:01AM 2: Chapter Two Signed
Interesting situation developing between the three. Looking forward to finding out what its all about.

Author's Response: Thanks very much for that. All will be revealed in time!!

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