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Reviews for A Marriage and A Mourner

Bella_Portia 2008.05.26 - 04:48PM 1: A Marriage and A Mourner Signed
For a short piece, that was absolutely remarkable. I loved the way you told a story, painted a picture, in such a sharp and concise way. Great.

Author's Response: Thank you, Bella. Your compliments mean a lot to me, because I really admire your work. I am glad I was able to produce a story that evoked a clear, yet brief, piece of time.

AstridxLinnankivi 2008.05.25 - 02:46PM 1: A Marriage and A Mourner Signed
This was amazing - and to some extent I found it funny.

Author's Response: Thank you very much. I see we share a dark sense of humor. Cheers!

Overhill 2008.05.12 - 01:45AM 1: A Marriage and A Mourner Signed
An interesting mood piece - how awful it would have been for him to be there when she married that "toe rag". And yet, how could he not be there? I wonder if he remembered his "prayer" when James and Lily died? Thanks for a good read!

Author's Response: Thanks so much. In my mind, he did remember his "prayer". It just added to his guilt and how much he felt he contributed to their death. I'm glad you appreciated the mood this piece evoked. Thanks for your continued reviews. Cheers!

Scaranda 2008.05.09 - 02:19PM 1: A Marriage and A Mourner Signed
Well, it worked. I agreed with him actually. Wicked of me I know, but there you. I never did like that stuck up little s*** James. Thanks for that.

Author's Response: Yeah, it did work didn't? You know Rowling really didn't do anything to make James look much more than a sh**, did she? I'm glad that you agreed with the sentiment of the story. Your welcome. Cheers!

pudella 2008.05.09 - 02:04AM 1: A Marriage and A Mourner Signed
I hope you'll continue this! It is interesting to read about Severus's reaction to James and Lily's marriage.

Author's Response: Thank you, I'm glad this is an interesting concept. I wrote another story called 'Returned Comfort' a sequel to 'Small Comfort'. It is about Severus' reaction to Harry's birth. I haven't posted it, maybe it's time. Cheers!

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