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Reviews for Black Night

Vizen 2008.06.07 - 03:41PM 1: Black Night Signed
I really enjoy the reading. This Snape is different from the teen Sev we usually see in fics. I hope you have written some other fics ? Please tell me!

Author's Response: Oh, thank you! I have written some other fics, but they are HG/SS centric. You can find them on either Ashwinder or The Petulant Poetess, under the titles "Conversations," and "Questionnaire." Thank you so, so much for the review and the encouragement!

kittylefish 2008.05.12 - 03:03AM 1: Black Night Signed
hi, kingpig! this was an interesting scenario, although i don't sail this particular ship. i enjoyed the idea that sirius had a secret thing for severus, especially as it gave severus the upper hand in this weird power dynamic. i think the way you ended it was effective, although if i'm honest, i must admit i wanted to see things go a little farther than they did. now i am aware of this corner of my mind where i'd enjoy watching severus 'make' sirius engage in all sorts of naughtiness and taunt him with it. and i have you to thank/blame for it! ; )

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I have to admit, I don't sail this particular ship either :) But it was my first attempt at fanfic, and I wasn't sure I was ready to dive into writing the world of SS/HG. And I do so enjoy Severus having the upper hand, as it were, with Sirius!

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