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Reviews for The Unconditional Vow

Eleni 2015.11.02 - 04:56AM 1: Grimmauld Place Signed
now I am at it Again LOL

Author's Response: Lovely to hear from you again, Eleni. I'd love to hear how you experience your return to the story :)

Eleni 2010.12.10 - 01:27PM 1: Grimmauld Place Signed
I am starting to reading your story again. I remember it as very good, and are looking forward to some happy reading-days.

Author's Response: Hi, Eleni, and welcome back to the story!

greenwood 2009.07.31 - 12:53AM 1: Grimmauld Place Signed
I like how you have "filled in the blanks" from cannon with your opening chapter. I often wondered where Fawke had gone after Dumbledore died. I couldn't believe that he just went up in flames and never came back. It makes sense that he would pass on to Severus.

Author's Response: Thanks! After seeing the HBP film, it makes me happy to know that Snape was going to Grimmauld Place to meet Fawkes. I find that thought immensely comforting ;-)

Lady Whitehart 2008.08.22 - 06:59PM 1: Grimmauld Place Signed
Excellent beginning. I always wondered what happened to Fawkes at the end of HBP.

Author's Response: Yes, I was really sad to see Fawkes go, and therefore delighted to find a way to include him here. Thanks for your review - keep 'em coming!

ghost owl 2008.05.14 - 08:04PM 1: Grimmauld Place Signed
This's an interesting and promising opening! I like when we can see what the books didn't properly show about Snape's moments =) ps I could be wrong, but about the phrase "Snape strode down the hall, past the elephant’s foot umbrella stand", well, wasn't it a troll's foot? I can't access to the lexicon in this moment, so I can't control, but...

Author's Response: Thank you for your positive comments, and you are absolutely right, it was actually a troll's leg umbrella stand. I wrote the first few chapters on holiday and didn't have the books with me, and didn't think to check it upon my return. Anyway, I have amended the text now. Cheers!

Daizy Brandon 2008.05.01 - 04:20AM 1: Grimmauld Place Signed
Very gripping story, wonderful detail and suspense. . .

Author's Response: Thank you, I had a lot of fun writing the first chapter and giving Snape some emotional depth.

snapesgirl21 2008.04.29 - 10:10PM 1: Grimmauld Place Signed
I love this! I have always wondered about Severus after he killed Dumbledore. I look forward to reading more of it!

Author's Response: Thank you! I think Severus's final year of life is most intriguing and I am looking forward to exploring it.

redskyatnight 2008.04.29 - 04:39PM 1: Grimmauld Place Signed
Excellent stuff - tense, moving, intriguing and fills in a lot of the gaps that JKR left vacant! Keep up the good work (no pressure or anything...) ;-)

Author's Response: Yes, JKR left some wonderful gaps ripe for exploitation! Thank you for your encouragement and I will try to keep it up LOL!

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