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Reviews for The Unconditional Vow

star_girl 2009.10.15 - 04:27PM 61: The Hardest Word Signed
Poor, poor Severus. His jealousy is palpable, as is his sense of inadequacy. On the precipice of laying his soul bear, only to have it smashed once more. The portcullis goes down again...

Author's Response: His insecurities are more prominent than ever in this chapter and, after a lifetime of hiding his emotions, he tries to verbalise them, only to be foiled again. These are the moments which can prevent us from moving and changing. Does he have the strength to overcome them?

makaem 2009.10.15 - 01:12PM 62: The Great Wall Signed
So is chapter 63 going to be the chapter where alll is revealed? Great story.

Author's Response: Now that would be telling! Thanks for your review - I'm glad you're still reading and enjoying the bumpy ride.

makaem 2009.10.15 - 01:09PM 61: The Hardest Word Signed
Did Dumbledore do that on purpose? Or do they just have rotten luck when it comes to timing?

Author's Response: You ask an excellent question; I intend to leave the reader to ponder Dumbledore's part in this. Regardless, they do have rotten luck. It's as if the world's trying to tell them something. Will they listen?

Rose of the West 2009.10.14 - 01:18PM 62: The Great Wall Signed
That makes a little more sense, I guess.

Author's Response: I see you’ve found some answers.

Rose of the West 2009.10.14 - 01:12PM 61: The Hardest Word Signed
That seemed a bit random. Why is Severus jealous of a brother? As long as he's waited to have this conversation, why should another day or two make a difference? And why has Contessa suddenly acted as though she's forgotten Severus's existence?

Author's Response: I could answer your questions, but there are plenty of clues in the writing.

zenobia 2009.10.14 - 11:31AM 62: The Great Wall Signed
Fuck her brother, very annoying guy. Well at least he thinks he protecting her.

Author's Response: My beta-readers also responded with colourful expletives when they met Nate for the first time. I think he would’ve got on well with Sirius and James, which is probably why he’s so disliked by Severus. Yes, Nate thinks he’s protecting his sister and has her best interests at heart, within his limited knowledge. Thanks for leaving a review.

greenwood 2009.09.26 - 12:09AM 60: Heir of Slytherin Signed
Great chapter. What a close call that was. I have a feeling that old Voldy is not totally convinced that she is not going to be a useful tool to him against Severus or to use a "security". He didn't have her do too much to provoke Severus. Looking forward to more.

Author's Response: Thanks, Greenwood. You raise a good point. The question that interested me most after the encounter was this - how will Severus react when he realises Voldemort can use Tess as a security or weapon against him?

LadySeverus 2009.09.24 - 04:26PM 60: Heir of Slytherin Signed
Urgh, my skin is still crawling with the thought of Tess touching LV and having to be that close to him. I would've been scrubbing myself all morning in a red hot shower and still would not have felt clean enough. Nasty. Anyway, I love your story. I too have been reading it for months. I will continue reading it to the end and, like you have always said, this is a canon compliant story so I know the end is coming. I am glad you have given Severus this chance with Tess that he never got in canon. I already feel the weight of the years and the pain falling away from him. I'd like to think that when he finally crosses to the other side of the veil, his steps will be lighter and he will forever have a real gem of happiness in his heart to carry with him.

Author's Response: Congratulations on being the 200th review! I'm glad you have a sense of the change that has taken place in Severus during the course of this story, and your sentiments of lighter steps and happiness in his heart were exactly what I hoped to give him before he had to face his demise. Thank you for your review, and may I say how lovely it is to hear from so many new reviewers!

tomo 2009.09.24 - 02:49PM 60: Heir of Slytherin Signed
I feel the need to comment once more, given the discussion that seems to have followed. I am completely understanding in your intention to create a canon-compliant story although I can understand some readers upset at the idea of finally giving a character happiness and then (seemingly) taking it all away. But to be honest, thats reality. Things like that happen every day and not everyone gets to experience a happy ending. I feel that you were very upfront from the beginning of this story about it being canon compliant, and while I, as a reader, may not be happy with that I am understanding and had the option to never read the story in the first place. To touch on a point that Sevvy brought up, as someone who grew up alongside the books (I was the same age as the main characters each year the books were released) I really matured along with the characters. I started at the beginning awed and bewildered by this world of magic and the wild adventures Harry & co. embarked on. But as the books went on and darker storylines were revealed I could understand and cope with the, usually, upsetting plot twists because I was maturing in reality. Let me close by saying, regardless of the outcome, I am so pleased with the way you have created a storyline that JKR, for whatever reason, did not feel suitable. Everyone (no matter how their lives end) at least deserve a little happiness. I am very excited for the next few chapters and I am already stockpiling the tissues as I imagine it will still be a rough one. Thank you for writing this and please dont back down on your original intentions. You are a truly gifted writer!

Author's Response: It's nice to hear from someone who has had the experience of growing up with the books, and I concur that this seemed to be JKRs intention. To quote Snape in the OOTP film "Life isn't fair" and I agree that happy-ever-after endings are not necessarily commonplace (except, of course, in the majority of Hollywood films). I have always been drawn to the bittersweet and tragic, and this infuses my writing. Don't worry - I have no intention of backing down or bowing to pressure from readers. The remaining chapters of this story were written two weeks ago, whilst on holiday, so the ending has been finalised and there is no turning back. I repeat something I said a few chapters ago - I have no plans to leave the reader bereft. But by all means stockpile your tissues! I've shed a fair few tears on this journey, and will probably shed some more when it ends.

star_girl 2009.09.24 - 02:48PM 60: Heir of Slytherin Signed
I'd like to add my two Knuts worth, if I may ;) Firstly, I very much agree with Sevvy, in both her praise of your writing and indeed the way JKR's work grew darker in response to both the main characters growing up, and the readership growing up alongside them. And also I'd like to say how much I have noticed your writing blossom. I enjoyed reading this at the start, and chapter by chapter it gets better and better. I have written my own AU story which leads to a better, post-war, non canon-compliant life, but that is not to say I do not think canon-compliant stories are any good. On the contrary, it is a challenge and it takes great skill to weave another narrative into your own story and characters, as I have discovered writing Star Sisters, and you are doing wonderfully here. I am very much looking forward to where this leads, and I know you are going to make me cry at least once by the end. Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Your two Knuts worth are always welcome! Thank you for your kind comments on my writing; I've been on a tremendous learning journey throughout this story, having only ever written a 4000 word PWP previously. You are quite right - weaving my characters and story into canon has been a huge challenge - even more so as the story heads to its conclusion. My beta readers have their tissues, teddy bears and alcoholic beverages on standby as we head towards the finale! I appreciate your encouragement and am delighted you're still reading and enjoying.

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