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Reviews for The Unconditional Vow

makaem 2009.11.02 - 10:11PM 70: Sleeping in Light Signed
I'm not really sure how I feel about this story. It's a great ending, just not what I hoped. What happens to Tess?How will she move on as long as the ring allows her to see him? I'm glad Snape got to resolve some things and he wasn't alone when he died. But poot Tess. Hope Dumbledore has some remorse.

Author's Response: Hi makaem, I always knew my storyís ending wouldnít work for everybody, as open-ended conclusions can leave some readers adrift. I donít want to tell you how to interpret the ending, but the variety of reader reviews can point you to the paths Tess and Severus might take. Severus himself will decide their fate and, either way, Tess has an opportunity to say goodbye and lay him to rest, grieve and eventually move on, or, as suggested, bring him to life. Ultimately, Iím giving *you* the power to decide. Hope this helps. Thanks for reviewing the closing chapters.

makaem 2009.11.02 - 10:01PM 69: Weeping Willow Signed
What's happening? Is this something like Harry's experience?

Author's Response: It certainly seems so...

makaem 2009.11.02 - 09:57PM 68: Love and Loss Signed
I don't know if this was your intent, but I really hate Dumbledore about now.

Author's Response: Someone had to bear the brunt of Tess's (and your) anger. Dumbledore was an easy choice. Perhaps, though, it wasn't *all* his fault...

makaem 2009.11.02 - 09:54PM 67: Despair and Hope Signed
I really wanted her to get there in time. Very nice chapter though.

Author's Response: You and me both, but there are other things afoot. Glad you liked the chapter.

makaem 2009.11.02 - 09:51PM 66: Eye of the Beast Signed
This is so sad.

Author's Response: You feel sad. I felt sad too, as well as having a sense of love, and completion.

makaem 2009.11.02 - 09:47PM 65: Into The Fray Signed
So will Voldemort sense her? How will she stand the events in the next chapter? Knowing, but unable to help would be awful.

Author's Response: Will Voldemort know where to look? Tess has an unenviable task ahead of her, of that there is no doubt.

makaem 2009.11.02 - 09:31PM 64: Make This Go On Forever Signed
But what if he doesn't make it. I wish he had let her say she loves him. But what a great scene.

Author's Response: He needed something to come back to...

LadySeverus 2009.11.02 - 08:47PM 65: Into The Fray Signed
Despite the events unfolding thick and fast now, and knowing the end, I am glad that he has Tess there to support him.

Author's Response: It's going to be an emotional and difficult ride, but I hope you see it through to the end.

tomo 2009.11.02 - 07:38PM 70: Sleeping in Light Signed
I want to thank you for writing an amazing story. I was drawn in the entire way. You really gave him the ending he deserved and I wish that JKR had saw fit to give him something similar. I love the way you've left it open, letting our minds to wander about the possibilities. This ending wasn't nearly as painful as it might have been because you drew it to a beautiful and realistic conclusion. Even though he's dead, he's not really gone. Again, wonderful! Absolutely wonderful. Such a perfect canon-compliant conclusion. Thank you, and I look forward to reading more works from you (I hope!)

Author's Response: Thank you, tomo, for your kind and complimentary words. Iím delighted the ending worked for you. It has been my absolute pleasure to share my work on Occlumency. Please check out my author bio page for more information on my next project. Thanks again!

Rose of the West 2009.11.02 - 04:54PM 69: Weeping Willow Signed
I don't know what to say about this one. It's not my kind of thing, although I'm sure some will love it.

Author's Response: I'm sure I won't please all of the people all of the time...

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