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Reviews for The Unconditional Vow

Rose of the West 2008.08.18 - 02:43PM 16: An Unexpected Guest Signed
Well, I know what I hope will happen next. I love the way you weave cannon with AU. There is nothing contrived about it.

Author's Response: Yes, I knew what *I* wanted to happen next, but... Thanks for your encouragement; keeping in line with canon has been a real challenge. I'm glad you like it.

Rose of the West 2008.08.12 - 03:00PM 15: Through the Barricades Signed
So she accepted his answers but she's not happy about it. Quite realistic, actually. Even so, she's being companionable. That's good.

Author's Response: Thank you for your continuing reviews; they are spurring me on. Nice to know the reaction was realistic - that was what I was aiming for.

johnbly341 2008.08.08 - 02:32AM 14: Shadow of Doubt Signed
Interesting development. I, too, had forgotten the details from canon. I can't wait to see how you handle the situation.

Author's Response: Given the theme of the story, Contessa needs to tread very carefully...

makaem 2008.08.07 - 07:41PM 14: Shadow of Doubt Signed
Wow. I've been trying not to start any new stories until some of the ones I've been reading are completed. But for some reason, I departed from that, and I am glad I did. This story is wonderful.

Author's Response: Wow. Thank you very much indeed.

Rose of the West 2008.08.07 - 10:27AM 14: Shadow of Doubt Signed
I had forgotten about George's ear! WE know Snape was aiming at someone else, but it didn't look like that at the time. It's going to be a rough go when Contessa and Snape see each other again! I wonder if Dumbledore will point out that George losing an ear makes Snape look more convincing.

Author's Response: *author smiles knowingly*

star_girl 2008.08.03 - 06:38AM 13: Fly in the Ointment Signed
This is very well written, I can't wait for the next update. The parts about implanting false memories for the Dark Lord are very clever indeed.

Author's Response: Welcome, and thanks very much. Update iminent!

Rose of the West 2008.08.01 - 01:08PM 13: Fly in the Ointment Signed
Excellent chapter. You've got me on the edge of my seat.

Author's Response: Thanks again!

Muse22 2008.07.28 - 08:57AM 12: Open Doors Signed
Bravo. I loved it! Severus' complete flipping out over the thought that Dumbledore told Contessa about Lily was great.

Author's Response: Severus is great fun to write when he's angry. Glad you liked it.

Rose of the West 2008.07.26 - 02:55PM 12: Open Doors Signed
Great chapter! I'm guessing that Severus thought the portrait told Contessa about Lily?

Author's Response: Thanks very much! You guessed right. I alternate the chapters to tell the story from both character's point of view. This chapter was Contessa's turn.

inverness 2008.07.24 - 06:43AM 11: Dangerous Game Signed
Really great story!Though I hardly dare to continue reading because I fear ,you will let him die too in the end,will you?No hope?

Author's Response: Thank you! The ending will be canon and therefore bittersweet. However, I will post a warning at the point in the story where those who want a happy ending can choose to stop reading! Then you can decide for yourself how it ends...How does that sound?

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