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Reviews for The Unconditional Vow

Daizy Brandon 2008.08.28 - 04:50AM 16: An Unexpected Guest Signed
Severus is just too convincing as a double agent. . . the mark of a very deep, impassioned man. :-) Nice suspense in this chapter, too.

Author's Response: Too convincing, indeed. I'm really pleased that came across in the writing.

Daizy Brandon 2008.08.28 - 04:42AM 15: Through the Barricades Signed
This chapter is one of my favorites so far, especially because I love stargazing, and I love the relationship of animals to humans. Fawkes is such a sweet soul, and it's great to see him consoling Snape. And Contessa--she has great instincts for what Snape needs. I like her more and more.

Author's Response: She's starting to get the hang of unconditionality. Sort of.

Daizy Brandon 2008.08.28 - 04:30AM 13: Fly in the Ointment Signed
Very nice! My breath caught in my throat for a moment while reading about her hand on Severus's chest. And I could just hear his dark dreamy voice in the line, "Would you care to explain?"

Author's Response: Oh, I *know*! I have to work really hard to keep things platonic...

Daizy Brandon 2008.08.28 - 04:23AM 12: Open Doors Signed
I very much like the Evanescence quotation at the beginning of the chapter. It's as if Snape is unconsciously begging Contessa to do exactly that. . . bring him to life.

Author's Response: Bring Me To Life inspired me to write this story, actually :-D

makaem 2008.08.26 - 11:51AM 17: An Unexpected Lead Signed
Great story. I found myself wishing there was more to read. But I'm still glad I didn't wait until it was completed to start reading.

Author's Response: Yes, these few chapters are quite short in length. I wrote it that way to allow for switching points of view. I could have written more, but it would have quickly descended into porn LOL!

Rose of the West 2008.08.25 - 03:48PM 17: An Unexpected Lead Signed
Fabulous! I was hoping Severus would manage to get them out of the situation without either being hurt, but they're actually going to GET something out of it, to boot!

Author's Response: Yay for Severus and his pragmatic quick-thinking!

Lady Whitehart 2008.08.22 - 06:59PM 1: Grimmauld Place Signed
Excellent beginning. I always wondered what happened to Fawkes at the end of HBP.

Author's Response: Yes, I was really sad to see Fawkes go, and therefore delighted to find a way to include him here. Thanks for your review - keep 'em coming!

makaem 2008.08.21 - 12:23AM 16: An Unexpected Guest Signed
This is a great chapter.

Author's Response: Thank you.

johnbly341 2008.08.18 - 07:29PM 16: An Unexpected Guest Signed
I can't wait for another chapter! You've really done an excellent job of luring me in to your story.

Author's Response: Why, thank you! Next chapter up soon :-D

star_girl 2008.08.18 - 02:53PM 16: An Unexpected Guest Signed
Nooo! What happens next? More soon, please! :)

Author's Response: It is a little unfair of me to keep you waiting; I apologise. It's on it's way very soon. Thanks for your enthusiasm!

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