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Reviews for The Unconditional Vow

LadySeverus 2009.11.07 - 03:49PM 68: Love and Loss Signed
So Tess is left with nothing...but is she really? What is going on with those rings, that's what I want to know?

Author's Response: Do I hear a glimmer of hope...?

LadySeverus 2009.11.07 - 03:39PM 67: Despair and Hope Signed
So sad. Poor Tess. I knew it was futile and he had gone when all the magical protections he had placed on the headmaster's office broke. *sniff* :(

Author's Response: Unsurprisingly, so did I when I wrote it. I found it incredibly hard to send her on her futile mission, knowing what the outcome would be.

LadySeverus 2009.11.07 - 03:29PM 66: Eye of the Beast Signed
That chapter was just as gripping as canon! And you blended it together seamlessly.

Author's Response: Thank you. I realise that, because the reader knows Severus dies in this scene, the tension would feel different second time around. I'm glad you experienced enough dramatic tension to keep you gripped.

FairyGlen 2009.11.07 - 10:18AM 70: Sleeping in Light Signed
My faith in the Tigerís Eye Rings certainly wasnít misplaced and was rewarded with this beautiful ending. I have read the closing chapters over and over and, although my emotions ran high and tears were shed, I have to admit you made it far less painful than I imagined the inevitable end would be. I agree with the reviewer who says the AntiHorcrux idea was wonderful. I say it was Ďinspired!í - paving a way to leave us contemplating their futures. Thank you so much for your fantastic canon-compliant story.

Author's Response: And thank you for your faith! I sense how hard it was for the reader as they approached the ending, and how much easier it would have been to duck out at the last minute. High emotions and tears tell me I did my job well, and I'm thrilled you liked the anti-Horcrux idea. Thank you for reading and for seeing it through to the bitter(sweet) end!

aurora borealis 2009.11.05 - 05:00PM 70: Sleeping in Light Signed
I don't visit Occlumency very often, so missed seeing this story before now. The final chapter title (with it's nod to Babylon 5??) intrigued me, so I've spent the last two days reading, and WOW! I am so glad I found this! What you have done is quite impressive. You have stayed canon-compliant, but have given us an exquisite exploration of Snape's character that I didn't find in JKR's version. Tess is a great OC, and I am glad that Snape finally found acceptance, love, had a chance to grieve for Lily and their lost friendship, and could move beyond regret and the repression of his feelings. And you did this while maintaining his character - his temper, snideness, nastiness, etc., yet giving us glimpses of "the man who might have been" underneath the crusty exterior. I especially like that in this version, Dumbledore made plans to help Snape after the events on the Astronomy Tower, and gave him a connection to the Order of the Phoenix (something that was lacking in DH). Snape's POV and the unfolding events at Hogwarts certainly make for more interesting reading than the endless camping scenes we got in DH . . . . Really well done - Brava!

Author's Response: Thanks so much, Iím flattered that youíve read it all in one chunk; you obviously have a sense of the sweeping story arc and the progression of the characters. Iím gratified you felt I maintained Snapeís character, which has been desperately tricky to achieve, given the amount of personal development he has undergone. Yes, the final chapter title is a nod to Babylon 5 (one of the greatest sci-fi shows ever) and there are at least three other references during the story. Hope to see you on Occlumency more often!

sevsbird 2009.11.04 - 03:10AM 70: Sleeping in Light Signed
Hello it's me again. I just wanted to add that I think I might have got something different from the ending than everyone else judging from the other reviews. He got a chance to live right? If he decides to that is. I really think he would choose to because he has grown and moved on from the man he was - all bitter and twisted and full of regrets and all that. Since he forgave hiomself and knows he is loved and feels love too for Tess - wouldn't he choose to live a life with her? I think he would.

Author's Response: Hello again! In answer to your first question, yes, Severus has a chance to live. Whether or not he *does* is for the reader to decide. It sounds like you have a gut feeling Ė your intuition is telling you something! Thanks for reviewing a second time.

jt09 2009.11.04 - 02:09AM 70: Sleeping in Light Signed
I loved this story. Absolutely loved it. I loved the way you portrayed the relationship between Tess and Severus, so tender and poignant yet so realistic at the same time. I also adored the ending, like others have already said it's great that you've managed to stick to canon AND give Severus the closure he deserves. Thank you.

Author's Response: This review brought a tear to my eye. Youíve summarised all the things I hoped to achieve when I first set out. Iím so glad you found all of this in my story. Thanks for taking time to review.

Rosewood 2009.11.03 - 09:44PM 70: Sleeping in Light Signed
Considering everything that Severus and Tess have been through, it is heartening to see that they both are finally able to find one another. The ending was absolutely beautiful.

Author's Response: Thank you, Rosewood. Iím glad you found beauty in the ending.

makaem 2009.11.03 - 08:15PM 70: Sleeping in Light Signed
I want to start this review the way I should have started the other one. I adore this story, have since the first chapter. It is the main reason I've checked this site for updates. It is beautiful. I think I hoped you had changed your mind about a cannon ending. Maybe not for Snape, but for her. I ended up liking Tess far better than any of the characters from the book-- and, given my odd fondness for the character of Snape, I think that's something. So of course I wanted her to be happy, and I'm a little sad for her.But my emotional response doesn't make the ending any less perfect.

Author's Response: Itís a huge compliment that you ended up liking Tess so much, thank you for sharing this. Your emotional response is perfectly valid - it belongs to you, and I welcome it. Hopefully my comments on your previous review will help you process your sadness. Thanks for coming back and leaving another review.

star_girl 2009.11.03 - 02:26PM 70: Sleeping in Light Signed
I'd just like to say that I first reviewed before reading any of the other reviews posted. I have to say, I couldn't disagree more with what some are saying. The will they / won't they was deeply important - both Tess and Severus have been hurt deeply by love before, and it was enchanting watching them slowly open up to each other. You gave us lots of tenderness. There was a very real sense of being too afraid to open up incase your feelings get trampled on. That was very palpable from both sides throughout this story. You did a fine job. If I don't like a story, I won't review it, because I've been taught that if you don't have anything positive to say, then you should say nothing. But I wanted to take the chance to tell you again just how much I enjoyed your story and to take any criticisms with a pinch of salt.

Author's Response: Thanks for leaving your thoughts, and Iím pleased that you sensed the necessity of the somewhat tortuous path taken by Tess and Severus. My interpretation of Severus is of a man riddled with insecurity and self-doubt, always on the look-out for signs that heís going to get hurt. He would never wear his heart on his sleeve unless he was certain his heart would be accepted, and it is my belief that it wouldíve taken a long period of time for him to feel ready to take that chance. He would spend his time testing the water and retreating, because he wouldnít deem himself worthy of anotherís love. As for Tess, all of his prickles and mixed messages would be very disconcerting, and Severus is not the sort of man to whom sheíd feel comfortable laying her soul bare. Someone like him could easily squash her to dust with one cutting comment. It was always going to take time, something which we had a plentiful source of in canon! If people donít agree with my interpretation, I donít have a problem with that. Itís all in the eye of the beholder.

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