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Reviews for The Unconditional Vow

Daizy Brandon 2008.12.12 - 01:15PM 19: Potions Assistant Anonymous
Reviewer: Daizy Brandon Signed Date: 07/11/08 - 05:06 pm Title: Potions Assistant Yes! They will still be in each others' company. I think it's interesting that Tess was able to give Severus the space he needed while staying at Squirrel's Leap. If it had been me, I know I would have been a pain. . . always asking him how he was doing and basically just causing a fuss.

Author's Response: And a similar dilemma exists in counselling relationships!

Daizy Brandon 2008.12.12 - 01:14PM 20: Half-Blood Anonymous
Reviewer: Daizy Brandon Signed Date: 07/11/08 - 05:13 pm Title: Half-Blood Easy silence. Well, Tess is so lucky. My insides would be so full of butterflies in his presence, he would surely hear them flutter!

Author's Response: I'm so glad you think of her as 'Tess' even though Severus doesn't...

Daizy Brandon 2008.12.12 - 01:14PM 22: The First Glimpse Anonymous
Reviewer: Daizy Brandon Signed Date: 07/11/08 - 05:26 pm Title: The First Glimpse Enjoyed this chapter so much. Such a turning point for them both. And spending the night together on the couch. Well, it only gets better from there. . .

Author's Response: Thank you. I loved writing it. It was a long time in the planning, this chapter.

Daizy Brandon 2008.12.12 - 01:13PM 23: Asphodelus Albus Anonymous
Reviewer: Daizy Brandon Signed Date: 07/11/08 - 05:32 pm Title: Asphodelus Albus very interesting about the Latin name of the Lily. And has other implications as well--especially for Severus.

Author's Response: Yes - weird that it is also Dumbledore's first name. And it seemed so apt as it was an ingredient in the Draught of Living Death.

Daizy Brandon 2008.12.12 - 01:12PM 24: Solitaire Anonymous
Reviewer: Daizy Brandon Signed Date: 07/11/08 - 05:41 pm Title: Solitaire I forgot to mention in my last review how much I will miss Fawkes. Will he be making a return? Looking forward to Tess's experiences in Severus's old digs. should prove intriguing.

Author's Response: Author's Response: Sadly, I don't think Fawkes will return - he doesn't make a canon appearance, even at the Battle of Hogwarts. He was always on borrowed time at Squirrel's Leap; I'm pleased to have been able to include him, though.

Daizy Brandon 2008.12.12 - 01:11PM 25: Wet Behind The Ears Anonymous
Reviewer: Daizy Brandon Signed [Report This] Date: 07/11/08 - 05:57 pm Title: Wet Behind The Ears Uh-oh. I can see how Severus would not like the grandiosity of the Headmaster's quarters. All those colors and decorations. . . definitely not fit for him.

Author's Response: I took a cruel kind of pleasure imagining surroundings in which Severus would feel totally out of place!

Daizy Brandon 2008.12.12 - 01:11PM 26: Sword of Gryffindor Anonymous
Reviewer: Daizy Brandon Signed Date: 07/11/08 - 06:06 pm Title: Sword of Gryffindor Wow. Just wow. Now Tess knows what we know. And I think she'll be fine with it after awhile.

Author's Response: Yes, she's finally joined our club! Strangely, though, I do not envy her position.

Daizy Brandon 2008.12.12 - 01:09PM 27: The Astronomy Tower Anonymous
Reviewer: Daizy Brandon Signed Date: 07/11/08 - 06:13 pm Title: The Astronomy Tower And I am on the edge of my seat now. . . ! Your story transports me into their world. And I love being there! Thank you. Author's Response: You are most welcome. Thank you so much for your perceptive reviews. You are sensing the undertones of the story; I often wonder if they are seen and interpreted by the reader. Thank you for taking the time to review each chapter - I appreciate it and look forward to your next visit!

hexgirl 2008.12.12 - 01:05PM 33: Rhyme and Reason Anonymous
What a treat to get more than one chapter at once. I have to say that I have never read such a cannon compatible Snape, I really feel as if I am reading Deathly Hallows: the missing chapters. I think I said so in an earlier review but your OFC is so endearing and believable: likeable, but with enough flaws not to be a so called Mary Sue. I reiterate what another reviewer said, I can't believe you don't get more reviews. This is one of favourite all time fics and I've read a few. Can't wait for the next chapter.

Author's Response: Oh my, what a compliment! DH: the missing chapters! Thank you so much. Even though I am essentially writing this fanfic for myself, it is great to hear other people's experience of the story. Many thanks for your kind and generous comments, and I extend huge thanks to my betas for helping me keep Severus as canon-compatible as possible.

CareCrystal 2008.12.09 - 09:15PM 33: Rhyme and Reason Signed
Reviewer: Rose of the West Signed [Report This] Date: 06/12/08 - 04:53 pm Title: Rhyme and Reason Contessa has an angsty side, I see. I hope she will come to appreciate Severus's point. Meanwhile, he could stand to unbend a bit more. But maybe not; they both have such pressure upon them...

Author's Response: It is a conundrum for them as they are on the cusp of change. Again.

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