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Reviews for The Unconditional Vow

johnbly341 2009.01.08 - 09:30PM 35: Dreams and Fables Signed
I've really been enjoying your story all the way through. You've done a great job with Severus's prickly nature and I'm especially enjoying the fine line that Contessa has to walk to stay in character with her colleagues. I do hope you feel better soon!

Author's Response: Oh, I like a prickly Severus, he's such fun to work with. Nice to know you're still reading and thanks for your best wishes.

star_girl 2009.01.08 - 03:57AM 35: Dreams and Fables Signed
Sorry to hear you aren't well, I hope you get better soon and have the strength to finish this intriguing story.

Author's Response: Thanks! The recovery is likely to be slow, but I will definitely finish the story. I won't be complete without it!

sevvy 2009.01.07 - 03:38AM 35: Dreams and Fables Signed
I've just picked up on this story again and I'm really glad I did as it's so good. I somehow think that Severus is at last started to realise his attraction to Contessa (even if it is still only at a subconscious level at the moment!) As a romantic, I am desperate for something to happen between them; I know this wasn't your original intention but I live in hope! I'm sorry to hear you've not been well; I hope it isn't this awful 'flu which has been doing the rounds. It got my husband & I really badly several weeks ago & I've now just followed it with a bout of Winter Vomiting Virus - it's a fun time of year for sure! Do hope you feel better soon and will be able to update as this story just gets better and better! I hope it's not too late to wish you a Happy New Year.

Author's Response: Severus has a way of rationalising which effectively distorts and denies feelings, meaning they remain hidden from even himself. I hope he eventually looks them in the eye, although that doesn't necessarily mean romance! Who knows? Happy new year to you too

makaem 2009.01.07 - 02:10AM 35: Dreams and Fables Signed
That was another wonderful chapter. I'm glad she has something to make things at Hogwarts seem worthwhile. Snape seems a little jealous of someone else being the object of her attention, wonder if he'll realize this. but I'm guessing contessa will have her heart broken no matter what happens. Take care of yourself. I hope you feel better.

Author's Response: Snape's jealousy took me by surprise in this chapter; it just happened of its own accord. Thanks for your review and kind thoughts.

Rose of the West 2009.01.06 - 11:47PM 35: Dreams and Fables Signed
I'm so sorry you haven't been well. I hope you are better, soon. This was a great chapter and just as I suspected, Contessa perked up a little since she could help someone else with their troubles. I like that being with her made Severus feel as comfortable as he did with Lily and hope that eventually he comes to understand that he's comfortable in the present, not just in his memories.

Author's Response: Thanks for your good wishes. You're very perceptive - yes - the feeling of comfort is lingering on the edge of his awareness at the moment.

hexgirl 2009.01.04 - 05:19AM 34: The Missing Piece Signed
Great chapter. I am intrigued by the new character you have introduced and can't wait for the next update.

Author's Response: Thanks v much - the next chapter is on its way

ghost owl 2009.01.01 - 07:22PM 34: The Missing Piece Signed
I haven't read many fics lately, but the last chapters of your story have given me the happiness to read about Severus again. It's refreshing reading this Snape, and I like Contessa very much: she's a strong carachter, but not a superhero! I hope you'll update soon :)

Author's Response: Lovely to know you're still reading! You like Contessa despite her faults - I am pleased. I wonder what it is that you find refreshing about this Snape, though? Do tell! Thanks for your review.

Rose of the West 2008.12.26 - 10:57PM 34: The Missing Piece Signed
The boy is in an interesting position, for sure. I think that worrying about things like what she stumbles across with the students will help Contessa sort out her situation, too. She can't help but let go of some of her own issues when she's helping those who are more helpless than she is.

Author's Response: Rose, you are a wise, wise lady. Thanks for your review!

makaem 2008.12.14 - 08:41AM 33: Rhyme and Reason Signed
Wow, I don't know where to start. From the beginning, I've considered this to be one of the best fan fiction stories I've read. Each subsequent chapter has confirmed that feeling. You've managed to create a story that fits neatly into the final book. I'm convinced the next time I read Deathly Hollows, I'll look for evidence of Contessa. Well done, when you finish this story, go to work on something all your own. You're too good not to do that.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your review; I am delighted you're enjoying the story and thanks for your kind comments. One of my betas re-read OOTP a few months ago and it caused her some amusement... Hopefully this fanfic will fit nicely in the background of DH when you re-read it.

Daizy Brandon 2008.12.12 - 01:16PM 18: Elephant in the Room Anonymous
Reviewer: Daizy Brandon Signed Date: 07/11/08 - 04:58 pm Title: Elephant in the Room Can't help but wonder what was in the potion. Its effect on Contessa reminded me of chamomile. He was trying to calm her with it, yes?

Author's Response: I was thinking along the lines of Valerian root to sedate and Bergamot, which is the citrus note, to calm and relax. But chamomile would have a similar effect, yes.

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