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Reviews for The Unconditional Vow

sevvy 2009.04.20 - 05:20AM 42: White Christmas Signed
You really are the 'Mistress of Subtlety' - makes such a change to see the 'build up' of sexual tension between these two instead of the usual rushing into things that you so often see in fics; keeps us all entralled and eager to read more it seems! :-)

Author's Response: Wow - I have an honorary title! Thank you! I'm sure my love of characters such as Mulder & Scully and Brennan & Booth has a lot to do with the build up of subtle sexual tension between these two. There'll be no rushing into things in this story... not in the least because my mum is reading LOL!

hexgirl 2009.04.17 - 10:22AM 43: The Forest of Dean Signed
I really enjoyed this chapter. It's great to get a sense of this scene from Severus's pov. I have to admit that i have wondered what happy memory he could possibly come up with in order to produce a patronus - it would have to be Lily related of course - and Lily before she lost her head to that James Potter. I really felt the tension as he watched Harry decide how to retrieve the sword as well as his anxiety when it looked as if he might not reappear. Good thing the chosen one had Snape looking out for him! I agree with your earlier reviewer - great last line - it made me smile. Can't wait for more.

Author's Response: I loved writing this chapter and was surprised how much I could glean from the source material. I'm pleased you enjoyed the chapter - thanks for your encouragement!

hexgirl 2009.04.17 - 06:13AM 42: White Christmas Signed
The tension is so acute I'm having to fan myself. So did Severus know she would be able to hear his thoughts when he commented on her dress matching the glass of mulled wine? Or was he also taken by surprise? I really like the idea of him keeping the ring on when she returns to her family christmas and enjoying feeling the connection between them. Can't wait to read the next chapter - and I see I don't have to - it's already up. Hooray!! I'm off to read it now!!!

Author's Response: I think it was a shrewd guess on Severus's part, and a cunning way to find out if she could hear his thoughts. The fact that he retains the ring is quite revealing of a shift in his awareness.

lyn_f 2009.04.15 - 06:42PM 43: The Forest of Dean Signed
This was an excellent way to fill in that scene from canon. Nicely done. I do like the entire story overall and look forward to the next chapter.

Author's Response: Many thanks! I'd been looking forward to writing the Forest of Dean sequence for a long time. Welcome on board, and thanks for your review.

Rose of the West 2009.04.15 - 01:38PM 43: The Forest of Dean Signed
Great last sentence! Severus must have loved keeping his own secret from Dumbledore after being left in the dark all the time. I wonder what indeed was going on with the other ring...

Author's Response: Thanks for your review. It seems I've inadvertently set the bar high for the final sentence of the last chapter...! I'm glad you liked it.

Rose of the West 2009.04.13 - 09:33PM 42: White Christmas Signed
Oh, dear. Do they actually hear what they say to each other? The tension growing between them is truly delicious.

Author's Response: I'd love to have been a fly on the wall after they'd left the office. I can imagine the Headteacher portraits giggling, rolling their eye and saying the exact same thing! I'm also enjoying the tension, consequently there will be plenty more where that came from...

kerisk 2009.04.09 - 05:03PM 19: Potions Assistant Signed
They should have gotten some of Fawkes's tears before they let him go. Snape could have used that for his last day in the shrieking shack!

Author's Response: I know - so many opportunities - if only they'd known! Thanks for your review

makaem 2009.04.09 - 06:49AM 42: White Christmas Signed
How can two people be so smart and yet...? But it does make for good reading.

Author's Response: So near, and yet so far. Glad you're enjoying it!

ghost owl 2009.03.26 - 04:58PM 41: The Unforgivable Curse Signed
Ehi, but you updated the day of my birthday! The best gift, absolutely! Thanks ;)

Author's Response: You're welcome! Hope you had a great birthday :-)

hexgirl 2009.03.24 - 07:02AM 41: The Unforgivable Curse Signed
Loving the way you are weaving canon events into your story, and I am really looking forward to Severus's POV in the forest of Dean when he takes the sword of G. to Harry. Imperoing him in his sleep - what a great idea - after all Tess would never have managed to cast an unforgiveable on a fully conscious Snape!! Would love to see Alan Rickman in that dressing gown! I can dream. I also like the idea of a potion to identify the imperius curse, I always wondered if the magical world had any way of detecting it. I think Tess should get to work on an antidote for snake bite venom though, and he should definitely keep a vial of it in his pocket at all times - just in case.

Author's Response: Hmmm... Alan Rickman (aged 38) in the dressing gown and Rachel Weisz in the Daffy Duck pyjamas! And yes, it's a shame Tess isn't clairvoyant :-) Hopefully she'll help him in a different way. The Forest of Dean will be chapter 43 - hope you like it.

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