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Reviews for The Unconditional Vow

sevvy 2009.05.10 - 04:26PM 45: Broken Eggshells Signed
I simply can't wait for the next chapter now (in response to my review of the last chapter, you did say things were going to change for these two!) I am still hopeful that they won't be able to hold out much longer with their feelings for each other ...! I just have to add here that this is such a 'professional' story; so much more polished and flowing than almost any others I've read and it feels like it could and should have co-existed as a 'sub' or 'back ground' plot in the books. :-)

Author's Response: Thank you for such a lovely compliment! My two betas have been wonderful; one applies the polish and the other helps with the flow. We've made a good team so far!

greenwood 2009.05.07 - 08:23PM 44: Once a Year Signed
Really good story. Severus is beginning to look like the cat drug him in and I would guess that is close to ...you know...

Author's Response: ...yeah, I know... haha! I'm glad to know you're still reading and enjoying the story. Thank you for your review.

lyn_f 2009.04.29 - 09:26AM 44: Once a Year Signed
Awwww ... I think he was thinking of her, too. So sweet that she remembered his birthday in this way. :)

Author's Response: I think you are quite right about his thoughts. And it was nice for me, too, to have another 'awww' moment. Thanks for your review!

hexgirl 2009.04.26 - 04:09PM 44: Once a Year Signed
I bet it was the first birthday cake he'd ever had - will it be his last? Liking dishevelled Severus a lot, no wonder she told him not to bother changing. I like to imagine canon Snape greeting Narcissa and Bellatrix a bit like that. Yum Lancashire Hotpot thank God they had pickled red cabbage with it. It's the only way to experience it. Maybe you could get the lovely Alecto to choke on an Uncle Joes mint ball? I really like the interaction between Severus and Tess, and laughed at the choice of publication used for entering his quarters. Dumbledore would approve.

Author's Response: I have to give credit where credit is due: one of my beta-readers came up with the title of the book (it was chosen with Dumbledore in mind). I laughed at your comment about Alecto because of something I recently wrote... however the moment you reminded me of is quite a few chapters away. Will it be Severus's last birthday cake? Hmmm. You're still holding out some hope for him, then... ;-)

kerisk 2009.04.26 - 07:36AM 44: Once a Year Signed
Thank you for such a great story! I am so glad these two have each other. More please :)

Author's Response: And thank you for your kind words. More is on its way very soon!

sevvy 2009.04.26 - 06:37AM 44: Once a Year Signed
I'm really glad she acknowledged his birthday but now wonder just how much longer these two can hold out with suppressing their feelings for each other; obviously this is getting more difficult in view of the rings now...(I say hopefully! :-) )

Author's Response: Sevvy, you always make me smile! All I will say is there's one more chapter to go before things start to change...

makaem 2009.04.25 - 07:28PM 44: Once a Year Signed
Are you going to let him find out how she feels about him? The ring link seems to be growing, admitting their true feelings might make it stronger.

Author's Response: It really isn't going to be as simple as that, I'm afraid!

Rose of the West 2009.04.25 - 07:24PM 44: Once a Year Signed
That's a pleasant birthday for him. If they've gotten that sensitive to their owners, those rings could get very useful by the end of the story...

Author's Response: You could be onto something there...

sevvy 2009.04.24 - 06:58AM 43: The Forest of Dean Signed
That's the only way to hear any line in my opinion!! :-)

Author's Response: Too true :-D

sevvy 2009.04.20 - 05:25AM 43: The Forest of Dean Signed
'Now all Potter had to do was save the world'... indeed! :-)

Author's Response: I really heard this line in Rickman's Snape-voice :-)

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