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Reviews for The Unconditional Vow

Rose of the West 2009.08.06 - 11:27PM 55: Trick of the Light Signed
Yep. Too little, too late. What a shame.

Author's Response: Well, it shows Dumbledore doesn't always have the right answer.

greenwood 2009.08.06 - 05:35PM 56: Sound of Silence Signed
Hope? You gave them some hope! Oh I was so hoping that it would finally be granted to them. Just when the 'end' is coming so fast. I am not sure where they are in cannon since we are not following the golden trio but I would guess that the confrontation with Minerva must be coming soon and they will be parted...it is my hope that they are on good terms before that happens. This is so exciting!!

Author's Response: Hope, yes, there *is* hope. You'll get your canon bearings in the next chapter, but I can also tell you that there are eight more chapters to go before the confrontation with Minerva. And there are quite a few canon events to fit in before we get to that fateful day. Hope you enjoy the ride!

greenwood 2009.08.06 - 05:25PM 55: Trick of the Light Signed
Oh Severus! You so can dig a deep deep hole! Poor guy, now that he knows he will be dancing on that ledge that will keep him away from her just to protect himself from being hurt all over again because he was such a dunderhead to begin with! MEN!!! If he had only just told her what he heard her say she could have explained why she was saying it....but NO that would be too simple LOL! Love this story and can't wait to read the next chapter.

Author's Response: So pleased you're still enjoying reading! I'm glad you can feel sorry for Severus and frustrated with him, all at the same time. That means I've achieved what I set out to do. Although, I have to say that, in defence of men in general, I've known women behave the same way... ;-)

greenwood 2009.08.03 - 08:13PM 54: Out in the Cold Signed
I just reread this chapter after reading "out in the cold" and the irony is palatable. Once Severus was "out in the cold" by the one he loved and now he is doing the same to Tess. Tess, however, will not turn to the "dark side" because of his rejection but I wonder how it will work out. Just had to submit this thought.

Author's Response: I'm always delighted to hear readers' thoughts - submit away! Severus has dealt with the situation the only way he knows how - to push Tess out. It's sad that this is the way he responds, but he's never been treated any differently to know any better. Let's see what a fresh experience can do for him...

greenwood 2009.08.03 - 07:55PM 54: Out in the Cold Signed
Oh you left us at such a tense moment! I like how you explained why in cannon it seemed that Severus was not really keeping the Carows from harming the students (not knowing what was going on because Tess was not able to talk to him). I love how much tension you have created between the two of them. After what Severs thought he "heard" I could very well understand why someone like him would rebuff her. Not being an open person to begin with and prone to carrying grudges, he would sort of act like an over grown boy and play the "I'm hurt, you fingure it out" bit. Love it! I can't wait to find out how Dumberdore's revoking the Vow will impact how Tess can or will help Severus now. Such a good story!!

Author's Response: Oh, thanks, Greenwood - you've made my day! Despite the level of emotional intimacy he's achieved, Severus is still petulant and juvenile. He's not had enough experience of being accepted genuinely. However, he's made some progress; he's more human and falliable - not the automaton he was before. Sadly, the students of Hogwarts are suffering because of it. I've just submitted the next two chapters, and am taking a short break to recharge the batteries! Thanks for your review.

Rose of the West 2009.08.03 - 12:06AM 54: Out in the Cold Signed
Well, well, the Great Meddler sees a need to involve himself, yet again. I can't say I have great hopes for his intervention.

Author's Response: Sometimes I think you have X-ray vision, Rose ;-)

Rose of the West 2009.08.03 - 12:04AM 53: Steel Signed
Somehow I think they'll figure it out but at this point it will probably be too little, too late. That's unfortunate.

Author's Response: I think, at this point, Severus is so heavily-armoured that he's unlikely to figure anything out; he's too caught up in his protective mechanism of retreat. Thanks for reviewing both chapters!

greenwood 2009.08.01 - 12:32AM 52: A Fiercer Sea Signed
It has been so long since I first started reading this story that I read the first chapter and didn't recognize it! I read the whole thing today in one go! It has been progressing really well and is a great story. I am sort of glad that I have been away for so long since it really allowed the characters to develop and for Contessa and Severus to start there fumbling way to (hopefully) love. Since you are following cannon so well it makes me wonder how you will handle the end. Will Severus die or will hie be managed to be saved and hidden away...can't wait to find out!

Author's Response: Wow - another 96000 words in one day reader! I am honoured. Thanks for taking time to leave another review. 'Fumbling' is a great way of putting it. Will they get there eventually? Well, the end could be full of surprises...

greenwood 2009.07.31 - 12:53AM 1: Grimmauld Place Signed
I like how you have "filled in the blanks" from cannon with your opening chapter. I often wondered where Fawke had gone after Dumbledore died. I couldn't believe that he just went up in flames and never came back. It makes sense that he would pass on to Severus.

Author's Response: Thanks! After seeing the HBP film, it makes me happy to know that Snape was going to Grimmauld Place to meet Fawkes. I find that thought immensely comforting ;-)

makaem 2009.07.22 - 08:33AM 52: A Fiercer Sea Signed
Neither one has a clue? Well, this is where friends would start dropping hints, but Snape doesn't have any, and her friends won't encourage a relationship. And everyone does think they are involved to some degree, so... Great chapter,by the way.

Author's Response: Thanks, Makaem. You are quite right - at this stage, friends would normally intervene...

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