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Reviews for The Unconditional Vow

Eleni 2015.11.02 - 04:56AM 1: Grimmauld Place Signed
now I am at it Again LOL

Author's Response: Lovely to hear from you again, Eleni. I'd love to hear how you experience your return to the story :)

roni0811 2015.07.10 - 01:37AM 70: Sleeping in Light Signed
maybe severus will chose to live! i can hope, but you tied the story up beautiful how severus has overcome the loss of lily to fall in love wit tessa!!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for reading and reviewing, roni0811. Helping Severus through his grief was the ultimate aim of my story; romance with Tess was incidental. I'm glad you enjoyed reading and have a happy end in mind for Severus and Tess.

roni0811 2015.07.10 - 01:25AM 67: Despair and Hope Signed
just knew that tessa would arrived to severus is time.. heart wretching chapie..

Author's Response: This was probably the hardest chapter to write; I remember being emotionally drained afterwards.

roni0811 2015.07.10 - 01:10AM 64: Make This Go On Forever Signed
finally show his feeling for tessa!! that kiss was hot!!

Author's Response: Yes, they got there in the end! The kiss was challenging to write because of all the sexual tension leading up to that point; I wanted the scene to be satisfying for the reader.

roni0811 2015.07.09 - 11:21PM 46: Frozen in Time Signed
happy that contessa is there for severus in his tie of need... great deatil of all these chapies.. still grieving for lily after all these years.. so sad..

Author's Response: So glad you were moved by these chapters; they were a joy to write.

roni0811 2015.07.09 - 07:35PM 3: The Portrait Signed
dumbledore schemeing once again.. wonder what is store for c/s...

Author's Response: Thanks so much for reviewing; it's nice to know that Occlumency is still being frequented! I enjoy Dumbledore's scheming :) How he handles this conversation has serious repercussions for Severus and Contessa further down the line.

Eleni 2010.12.10 - 03:26PM 7: Tiger's Eye Signed
oh what a bad timing for Severus. It is very promising that they are relaxing in each others company

Author's Response: Yes, it was bad timing, but Contessa felt more upset about the interruption than Severus did... His emotional control is very tight. Thanks for reviewing, and I hope you enjoy the rest of the story.

Eleni 2010.12.10 - 02:17PM 4: The Vow Signed
it must be very disturbing seeing a death-eater in your home, even one that Dumbledore wouch for

Author's Response: Yeah, not to mention the fact that she despises Snape, too! Hehe.

Eleni 2010.12.10 - 01:58PM 2: Squirrel's Leap Signed
the story is just as good on the second read. I cannot remember their story, looking forward to learning it

Author's Response: Thank you very much! The beginnings of this story were written two and a half years ago, and I've changed a lot as a writer since then. I'm glad you're enjoying the story second time around.

Eleni 2010.12.10 - 01:27PM 1: Grimmauld Place Signed
I am starting to reading your story again. I remember it as very good, and are looking forward to some happy reading-days.

Author's Response: Hi, Eleni, and welcome back to the story!

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