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Reviews for Learning to Trust

Moira of the Mountain 2010.05.02 - 10:56AM 1: Chapter 1 Signed
This popped up on randam search today and, dare I ask? what happened to this story? It showed promise and had an intriguing premise... I remember reading it a long time ago and thinking the same thing....

NoxSomnium 2008.06.19 - 08:41PM 1: Chapter 1 Signed
It's so Snape, "Well, that one looks like the least annoying..." Please write more. I'm all intrigued now.

pianita 2008.04.30 - 03:53PM 1: Chapter 1 Signed
Great begginings!!! I am curious to see how the story will evolve. Please continue it show great promise

libertyelyot 2008.04.29 - 04:42PM 1: Chapter 1 Signed
An intriguing and different premise. Lots of scope for an interesting take on Snape-as-adoptive-father and more. I look forward to the next chapter.

seachange 2008.04.29 - 12:23AM 1: Chapter 1 Signed
If you keep going in this vein, I suspect this will be a very good story. It's certainly different.

morgaine_dulac 2008.04.28 - 02:54PM 1: Chapter 1 Signed
Hm, I have the feeling that is the start of something very interesting. Looking forward to the continuation. /M

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