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Reviews for The Luck Runs Out

duj 2013.11.24 - 06:02PM 1: The Luck Runs Out Signed
Poor Snape. (He should hex Hermione when he finds out how Harry located him: some sort of Binding spell to prevent her doing it again.)

Author's Response: Hee. Thanks!

kaktusic 2009.10.02 - 05:56PM 1: The Luck Runs Out Signed
Oh my God, this is wonderful! Thank you! :-)

Author's Response: Not, perhaps my most serious fic--grins--though in fact I do think that Harry's in for a bit of a shock when he tries running his life without automatic good luck.... Poor Severus!

Cuthalion 2009.01.21 - 07:37AM 1: The Luck Runs Out Signed
Muahaha! Exactly what I needed today. Won-der-ful. *runs to add it to her favorites list*

Author's Response: Wonderful? I should rather characterize it as regrettable. At least from (our poor harassed Severus's) point of view. But it's kind of you to express your approbation.

severus_slave 2008.05.02 - 04:40AM 1: The Luck Runs Out Signed
That was hilarious. I could almost see Severus's head popping off like a balloon. I really feel for the poor man.

Author's Response: The poor man could use some sympathy. "You can run but you can't hide, eh?" I pride myself that I must be the very, very first non-Snarry to have Snape instructing Harry in the safety of sex toys.... Poor man indeed.

tigerlily2 2008.04.29 - 09:37PM 1: The Luck Runs Out Signed
Very funny! I needed that!

Author's Response: You needed that? For poor Severus to be faced with such horror? Tsk, where's your sense of compassion?

sappy_sappy_sappy 2008.04.27 - 03:23PM 1: The Luck Runs Out Signed
That was funny. My only problem was that it was too repetitive. The same first lines,

Author's Response: The repetition was deliberate, but one of my friends objected to the vulgarity/ adult content, so I'm thinking of doing the "family friendly version." I'll address your comment there; see if you think it's improved!!! Thanks much for your commment; glad you enjoyed overall.

kittylefish 2008.04.25 - 12:02AM 1: The Luck Runs Out Signed
this was hysterical. and only slightly twisted. i felt sorry for poor snape, and especially the bridge of his nose. ; )

Author's Response: Thanks, K., for responding--my best friend thought it was too vulgar, sigh. I appreciate your concern for the bridge of Snape's nose: I think it and his vocal cords will see a lot of use. Alas, the horrifying thing is, I think Harry's only out now is to turn to Severus....

Deeble 2008.04.23 - 09:09PM 1: The Luck Runs Out Signed
That's hilarious. Poor Snape.

Author's Response: I think he'll have to resort to Branwyn's (on Potions and Snitches) patented permanent hangover cure: a Sectumsempra to the throat.

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