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Reviews for Credit Where It's Due

Overhill 2009.03.28 - 01:42AM 1: Credit Where It's Due Signed
Very suspenseful! Well-written, well paced.

Author's Response: Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it--it was a well, not fun--an invigorating--one to write.

Wayfare 2008.05.27 - 08:00PM 1: Credit Where It's Due Signed
Wonderful story! Perfect pacing and loved the twist!

Author's Response: Thank you! Glad you noticed; it's hard, restricting oneself to a restricted POV character when the real action is taking place outside her awareness...

kittylefish 2008.04.24 - 11:41PM 1: Credit Where It's Due Signed
well that was creepy and awful - and i mean that in the best way possible. i was so aggravated when she stole his work. i'm glad it backfired on her. (that's what we call karma.)

Author's Response: Well, technically, it didn't backfire.... since it was designed to work exactly the way it did. Creepy and awful? Portrait of the Death Eater as a Young Man--I'm REALLY glad Sev changed sides when he did, aren't you? One is a little, ah, perturbed, to think what he might have come up with with proper encouragement? I'm so glad you appreciated his efforts--one suspects that no one properly thanked him at the time. Least of all the narrator: I tagged her as Antonin Dolohov's kid sister Illyana, if you're curious. Thanks for the review.

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