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Reviews for The Life Debt Repaid

testingt 2008.08.05 - 01:42PM 1: The Life Debt Repaid Signed
Nicely done... Snape's annoyance at being interrupted especially.

Author's Response: Thank you very much.

tangerine dream 2008.05.15 - 03:33PM 1: The Life Debt Repaid Signed
Wonderfully well written, as all your stories are. Look forward to reading more!

Author's Response: Thank you very much. I have more on Ashwinder, Pureblood (1) and the Burrow as well.

kittylefish 2008.04.24 - 12:32PM 1: The Life Debt Repaid Signed
i'm pretty sure i read and reviewed this before, but then i didn't know who wrote it. (geez, you are prolific! i was flabbergasted when i saw how many of those 'unknown' stories you had written.) anyway, to the review. i really like this. short but very intense. it's interesting being inside his head at this moment, hearing his thoughts. and i liked that narcissa is the one who found him and repaid her life debt this way.

Author's Response: Thank you. Yes, I became a typing demon this challenge. (my poor beta - I'm so glad she didn't file for beta abuse!!) I'm very glad you enjoyed this. To me, Narcissa was in the best position to help Severus, and saving him solved to problems - Sev is alive and Sev is not dead!

Overhill 2008.04.23 - 10:18AM 1: The Life Debt Repaid Signed
Nicely done! It would make sense that at least one of the Malfoy's would owe a life debt to Snape, and how it's repaid here is a good - and plausible - missing POV, The Malfoys would also be able to have the time and resources to heal him and keep him out of sight, as I would assume Snape would want to be, after all is said and done.

Author's Response: Thank you. My sentiments exactly.

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