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Reviews for Private Lessons

Shayla 2008.04.21 - 08:41AM 13: The Rate of Exchange Signed
Just stumbled across the first chapters -- I'm quite enjoying the tale and I join the others in anxiously awaiting the next twist!

Author's Response: Thanks! I guess I can post the next one...

facinatingsnape 2008.04.14 - 11:45PM 13: The Rate of Exchange Signed
What a twist. At first, you're thinking, hey maybe there is a chance for Snape and Harry to have some kind of normal adult conversation... BUT at the end of this chapter, I'm only left with one feeling, "Harry, you're such a berk!" Oh well, maybe he will finally get it through his thick skull. Thanks for letting us know early on that his relationship with Pen was romantic instead of some uncle/parental thing. I wondered if Snape would eventually think of her in that way. I guess we will see. Update soon, Please. Thanks Loads!!!

Author's Response: I think HArry still has some growing up to do...but I think he can do it. It would be tough to wrap your head around Snape's innocence if you knew he'd spent 50 years in Azkaban...

johnbly341 2008.04.13 - 04:47PM 13: The Rate of Exchange Signed
I love watching Snape play with Potter. Thanks for updating!

Author's Response: Hah--me too. Poor Harry. But he's finally catching on.

wieden1 2008.04.13 - 03:03PM 13: The Rate of Exchange Signed
thanks for the update interesting turn with potter loving pendragon - in case snape assumed right. am curious about the next chapter thanks and greetings

Author's Response: Snape tends to be correct in these sorts of observations...

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