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Reviews for A More Merciful Man

Nephthys 2017.02.09 - 04:23AM 48: Butterbeer Signed
I've been reading this story years after it was published, and I'm in awe at your talent. This chapter had me both squirming and laughing out loud every other line....To quote Ron, 'A horse a horse my kingdom for a horse!' Couldn't stop laughing by that point. You do right by Severus Snape! I love it.

Spike 2008.05.09 - 10:05AM 48: Butterbeer Signed
I really ought to have reviewed this story much sooner, but better chapter 43 than never, right? Anyway, I love this story. Absolutely love it. And believe me, I'm a hard one to please in the Snape fanfiction category. You've written Severus very very well, and exactly the way I like him. And Jane is one of the few original characters that doesn't annoy the crap out of me. So thank you for writing a great story.

Trickie Woo 2008.04.26 - 08:50PM 48: Butterbeer Signed
It sounds as if you, I, and the rest of your readers have become very enamored with Jane. I look forward to anything else you have to write with starring Snape and Jane. I think you could do it, but I can understand how you feel about creating a new story with a new OFC. Snape belongs to Jane and she belongs to him. Now Jane might be OK with it, but I wouldn't. I hate that pairing and never read SS/HG stories. I'm not a Hermione fan, but I have been known to read and enjoy Snape/Luna, Snape/Sinistra, and Snape/Tonks. It might be interesting to pursue the Draco/Princilla relationship from Snape's and Jane's points of view. I'm sure he's happy and relieved now that he didn't sign the contract soon enough. Jane would certainly appreciate the 'finer points' of the similarity of the arrogance and possibly the hubris that Draco and Princilla both have and the battle of wills it could cause. It would also be fun to see Lucius under Gash's thumb. I like Gash and I like Jane's mother, I hope you can weave them into the story again or into the stories you have planned.

Trickie Woo 2008.04.26 - 03:50PM 48: Butterbeer Signed
In reference to Ellyn's comments, I agree with her and I also understand your feelings about the story coming to an end. This story has become addictive to me. Last year I gave up on all fan fic except for this story while I waited for DH to be published. This story kept me going during that time. I was disappointed with DH, especially because of the lack of respect Rowling showed Snape. Your Snape and his story were so much better. Now I've gotten back into the habit of reading Snape fan fic again, especially non DH compliant Snape fic and this story is still at the top of my list. Sooner or later you will have to write 'The End' and let the story go and that will be wrenching for you and for me, but maybe you could write a sequel or create a new OC and another story altogether. I'd be pleased to see either one. Jane Flintrammel is a character who steadily grows on you until she's gotten under your skin and you find that you care about her. Just as she innocently ensnared Snape with her charms, she makes the reader really care what happenes to her. I think you have it in you to create another original female character for him who is just as compelling, but totaly different from Jane. I hope you will do that so that I can continue to read your writing.

Author's Response: I don't think that I will ever completely abandon Severus and Jane. I already have in mind several post-denouement episodes in mind concerning their lives together. I'm also thinking about actually writing something that doesn't just involve Snape's love life, but perhaps a new threat in the Wizarding World, with Snape playing a key part, but his relationship with Jane not central to the action. I imagine him working closely with Harry, and lupin. I don't think I will write another OFC anytime soon for him. I would feel that I was "cheating" on Jane. She would not like it. However I do have in mind a post DH romance with Snape and Hermione. I don't think Jane would mind that too badly.

Ellyn 2008.04.22 - 01:34PM 48: Butterbeer Signed
Thank you so much for your reply. I share your mixed feelings about ending the story. I'm torn between wanting the rest and yet not wanting it to be over. This is truly at the top of the list for well-written fanfics. I'm so impressed by the control you have over the story, and the characters are simply wonderful.

Ellyn 2008.04.20 - 10:39AM 48: Butterbeer Signed
I hope you're not ill, and I certainly understand if you're too busy to work on the story, but I hope you haven't abandoned it.

Author's Response: No. Not abandoned. Wouldn't do that. Oddly enough, my whole family has been sick off and on for the past month, but that wasn't really a factor. The next chapter is, however, somewhat long, and I had to write it from scratch. When I started posting two years ago the story was mostly written, and some chapters I just needed to fine-tune. The ones that have taken me longest to write are the ones that have had to be composed ex nihilo. At this point I'm tooling with the very end of the next chapter, and not ready to let go of it yet. I should get to posting it within the next few days. Also I'm realizing that I really am coming to the end of the entire story, now, almost, with only a couple more chapters to go, and I'm dragging my feet because I really don't want it to end. So that's a factor as well.

wieden1 2008.04.13 - 02:18PM 48: Butterbeer Signed
thank you for that nice chapter please update soon! a thankful reader

darkmark111 2008.03.18 - 02:30AM 48: Butterbeer Signed
Bloody brilliant. This made me laugh hard. Please update soon.

linda0506 2008.03.17 - 07:35PM 48: Butterbeer Signed
Yes, I was hoping they would have a good f--k! But Severus was on form, wasn't he? Amused me no end!

Trickie Woo 2008.03.16 - 09:35PM 48: Butterbeer Signed
You've made my day and and topped off my early birthday celebration (it's not until Thursday) with and even bigger surprise than the gift my husband got for me that he actually wrapped himself. That was even more impressive than the gift because I've never know him to wrap a gift before, I didn't think he knew how to do it but the package looked as nice as I can do myself. BTW it was the complete Jeeves & Wooster set on 8 DVD's, I love P.G. Wodehouse. Anyway, I was expecting the wedding night in their chambers but this surprise was even better. Poor Snape, how frustrating and provoking can it get? His speech to the students is just as good as his "bottle fame, brew glory, even stopper death" speech. Hagrid's advice on how to handle his wedding night was wonderful, I guess he never got it on Madame Maxime so he really didn't know any better. Ron's knowledge of poetry never ceases to amaze me; and i love Snape's method of getting rid of the students. Like all your other reviewers, I hope this isn't the end because I could read about Severus and Jane for years to come. You write smut so very well, so I'm hoping for a chapter with the PWP version of what happens when they finally do get to celebrate their wedding night together, just the two of them.

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