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Reviews for Tidemark

Trickie Woo 2008.02.27 - 06:15PM 1: Tidemark Signed
I'm happy to see both you and Brynhilde back. It's so good to find someone who agress with me about St Lily/Snily. Rowling doesn't comprehend the character she created in Severus Snape. While I can understand him pledging himself to Dumbledore and the 'Cause' out of guilt for inadvertantly causing her death, and the collateral damage of James's death, he must have given up on Lily as a lost cause by the time he graduated from Hogwarts. That was such a lame reason for DD to trust him implicitly. His repentence and his atonement for his sins was a much better reason for DD to trust him. That's what really ate at his soul and why he single mindedly did whatever DD asked of him, even the mercy killing of his mentor/spy master. I hope this isn't a one shot and that he survives to see his child and to have some love and happiness in his life. A man of his intelligence and his experience as a double agent would never go into Voldemort's presense without carrying a phial containing an anti venin to Nagini's venom, a universal antidote to all known poisons, and phials containing phoenix tears and unicorn blood concealed somewhere on his person. The Severus Snape she created would not have succumbed to Nagini's bite, he would have survived. If he really had to die in her vision of the story, he should have died in battle after revealing his real allegiance fighting beside the other members of the Order of the Phoenix.

Author's Response: Thank you!
I'm afraid this *is* a one-shot, but I do hope to write more stories that add a twist to what we learned in DH - I share your reservations, and I would like to develop a Snape story that complies with the words, but not the spirit, of the Potter saga's conclusion. Meanwhile I am revising a pre-DH Snape/Brynhild saga which I hope to start posting soon :-)... -S.

morgaine_dulac 2008.02.27 - 04:06PM 1: Tidemark Signed
Beautiful language.

Author's Response: Thank you! :D -S.

Lady Whitehart 2008.02.27 - 03:46PM 1: Tidemark Signed
Excellent work! I love the tone and the imagery of this fic.

Author's Response: Thanks very much! The image of the driftwood started the story off, and I tried to make it carry the story. I'm glad you like it! -S.

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