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Reviews for A More Merciful Man

Ellyn 2008.02.23 - 08:35PM 43: Draught of Living Death Signed
Well, I was wrong about Gash having something dark in his closet. I wondered if Eva was Gash's mistress - the wizarding world is rather small, after all. And if Gash is in love with Eva, and if Snape ever realizes that he's stupidly cutting himself off from Jane to hold on to the respect of people he doesn't even like, then maybe there'll be a wedding in the future and Severus will get Jane and a mansion, complements of Roland Gash. The Slytherin purebloods would be put in their places if they saw that Roland Gash wasn't going to withdraw his friendship with Snape if he marries Jane. Snape is a puzzle, isn't he? I knew something had to happen to prevent Snape from signing the contract, but I was thinking that perhaps Princilla would appeal to him during office hours and beg him not to sign the contract. Poor Jane. Of course, she has to pull through. This is a comedy, after all, and comedies always end in weddings, especially between people in love who seem doomed to be separated. Maybe Severus will save the day with a potion or spell that he knows? Maybe Gash will send in the best healers in the world to help her?

celestialrain 2008.02.23 - 06:06AM 43: Draught of Living Death Signed
OMG! Torment, torture! You're really going to leave us hanging like this?? I hope you are writing quickly! LOL! Great job getting Snape out of that silly contract! I just wish he was happier about it!

Deeble 2008.02.23 - 05:46AM 43: Draught of Living Death Signed
I hope for a happy ending for Jane's sake. She deserves it, if Snape does not. (And really, he has learned his lesson, so perhaps he deserves it too.)

Trickie Woo 2008.02.22 - 11:16PM 43: Draught of Living Death Signed
Two chapters at once, I love it. I hope you get the next updated posted soon, I'll be on pins and needles until the cliffie is resolved. We are now in 'An Affair to Remember' territory and I want to see how it all works out. I want it to end up with him back in Jane's arms (and bed). I love seeing Snape as Cary Grant and stay in character, and with Jane he was. Two other authors have managed that feat in Highly Improbable and Squidbait Returns, two of the five best fan fic stories I have read since I became part of the fandom 3 years ago. I've read hundreds of Snape romances since then and I rate this story right up there with those two, and that, indeed, is high praise from me.

jbeaud 2008.02.22 - 10:00PM 43: Draught of Living Death Signed
Arrrrgh - Wretched cliffhanger! This is my first review of this story and I am greatly enjoying your writing style, the characters and the fact that you update as frequently as you do. Please, please don't stop updating quickly now.

linda0506 2008.02.22 - 09:24PM 43: Draught of Living Death Signed
Again, I am entranced. The writing is great. I await, as usual, the next chapter very eagerly.

Ali1124 2008.02.22 - 09:23PM 43: Draught of Living Death Signed
heart rate just speed up... please update asap!

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