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Reviews for A More Merciful Man

trixee 2008.02.17 - 09:49PM 40: Dregs Signed
I was wondering when Lupin was going to reappear - I've been missing him since the first chapters. I love finding updates to this story... I'd love to see what Draco and Priscilla are up to aswell

tigerlily2 2008.02.17 - 02:28AM 40: Dregs Signed
Very good story! Thank you for your updates!

Trickie Woo 2008.02.16 - 05:38PM 40: Dregs Signed
I hope he won't have to mourn much longer. If he did sign the contract and marry Princilla he would mourn for the rest of his life. He was right in what he said about relationships to a point, relationships will last if both people have the will to make them last. Relationships die because people give up on them at the first sign of trouble instead of working through the difficulties together. Severus must be made to open his eyes and see this as the truth of the matter. I am 44 years into my first marriage and we've been through good times, bad times, and the absolute worst times that could happen when our son died 11 days before his second birthday after he had surgery to correct a very serious heart defect. There have definitely been times when we hated each other, times when I wanted to kill him, and times when we discussed divorce. We never went that far though because we each had too many years and too many emotions invested to give up on it and walk away. I have a very nasty temper which I have have learned to manage most of the time. I am prone to a bitter outlook caused by things that happened when I was a child and that takes me much more time and energy to manage that than managing my temper does. He rarely ever thinks ahead to see the consequences of his actions and therefore he sometimes does something truly stupid or thoughtless that sets off my temper which in turn activates my bitterness. But we have learned to work our way around all that, and most importantly he has learned how to diffuse my temper by activating my sense of humor. I strongly identify myself in Professor Severus Snape. I try to keep my emotions on a tight rein, anger is the only one that cannot be suppressed and no one ever sees me cry. If I can manage to stay and commit myself to a long tem relationship, he can do it too as long as he is willing to work with Jane and stop letting his anger and bitterness take over his life. Princilla isn't worth that investment for him in spite of the wealth and status that a marriage to her would give him. That would always be a marriage of convenience, a business transaction rather than a life partnership. The mutual investment may be worth it for Princilla and Draco though.

linda0506 2008.02.16 - 02:23PM 40: Dregs Signed
I love the way this tale is panning out. Next chapter soon please.

Deeble 2008.02.16 - 12:45PM 40: Dregs Signed
Too short! But so filled with emotion that it packed a punch. It's a good thing Lupin's around, since he's the only hope of thwarting Snape's unerring knack of doing the wrong thing.

Emmiebyrd 2008.02.16 - 06:06AM 40: Dregs Signed
Will this story go on forever? Because I would be okay if it did. I really love this and look for it every time I sign on. I'm just wondering how many more beverages you can come up with for chapter titles... So well written and entertaining. Look forward to the next, longer... chapter.

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