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Reviews for To Do All in my Power

duj 2015.12.18 - 02:34AM 1: Breath and Paint Signed
He couldn't think how to stop him walking down that path? Yeah, right; we believe that, and next he'll sell us a bridge... If he'd like some pointers in analysing his mistakes, can I suggest that punishing the fellow-student who tried to feed the boy to a werewolf would have been a good start... ? I see a more salient problem, and it is a philosophical question, perhaps the reverse of "If a tree falls in the forest, and no one hears it..." Memory defines our lives. Patients sedated for minor surgery sometimes wake and suffer, but if they don't remember it on waking, effectively it didn't happen. So if a person *does* remember having experienced the full Cruciatus, did it or didn't it happen?

d w chong 2011.03.20 - 05:09AM 10: Epilogue: A Final Promise Signed
Well, I have reached the epilogue, and all that has gone before is excellent, but I feel that the tale was ended too soon. Perhaps it was all covered in the DH, but, I think, a true epilogue would have been a retrospective, perhaps from a heavenly realm, on how successful Snape's actions were vis a vis his actions, and who, if anyone, finally worked it all out, (as, for instance, those two Slytherines, or the Ravenclaws, or the Hufflepuffs, for all of that. Or, perhaps, Minerva, since she was the next Headmistress and had the luxury of seeing his actions in retrospect, as well as in the moment. (BTW, thanks for your support of Hufflepuff, being as I am one, I am really deathly tired of all those writers who dismiss Hufflepuffs as pathetic losers --they seem to forget that Cedric Diggory was a Hufflepuff.) I shall now go investigate your writing homepage to see what else you have written. :)

Author's Response: I continued the story on my lj (because it was un-betaed) as the Headmaster Snape series. I felt that this part was ended, where it was, because it was all about Snape's (mostly internal) journey to where he could/would "do all in his power" to protect the children of Hogwarts. What he had to do, as Headmaster, to realize that pledge, was sort of a different story. And who "caught him out" in the process (there's a nice fic out there, "Five Moments of Doubt", where various Hogwarts people question the new Headmaster's loyalties...) Hufflepuff--my personal canon is, if Headmaster Snape is ever allowed to award a Cup (with retroactive points for real valor, not the fake points he'd been forced to award), the Hufflepuffs won hands down, no competition. Here's the first Headmaster Snape, if you want to read it! http://terri-testing.livejournal.com/3903.html

d w chong 2011.03.20 - 03:55AM 3: Charity’s Thesis Signed
So far I have only gotten to chp 3, but I think this is excellent --one of the most inspiring works I have read to date. Not only are you fleshing out the 'missing scenes' of Snape's headmastership, but you are detailing the work required to produce novel magical potions and what his mandate to protect the students of Hogwarts required of him. Absolutely brilliant. So much so, I had to comment before I finished. More people should read this.

Author's Response: Thanks for your review! This was my first ever Snape-fiction, and in many ways the hardest--glad you seem to appreciate it at its worth.

Iva1201 2009.11.04 - 02:11PM 10: Epilogue: A Final Promise Signed
Oh my, only a couple of minutes ago (or maybe longer, I suppose, if I managed to finish this in the meantime (-:) I found one of your oneshots, sadly never published on fanfiction.net where I usually read and publish fics - coming here only time to time to look if maybe someone uploaded some different, new fic up here. I liked the oneshot pretty much - and hence tried also this fic of yours and now I am absolutely stunned with it. Great piece, really, going right to my favourites. Thank you for writing it and sharing! Iva

Author's Response: Glad you liked it! I once tried to join ff. so I could post there also but never quite made it through their security. So beta'ed works appear on SycophantHex (here and on lumos) and unbeta'ed ones are on my lj, where I post as terri_testing. Glad you liked it--thanks for reviewing.

magialuna 2009.08.17 - 06:40PM 10: Epilogue: A Final Promise Signed
This "story" / monologue was simply incredible. You kept it tense and very, very in character throughout the entire story. Of course I only felt WORSE for poor Snape after I read this... perhaps JKR should read it? She seems to enjoy picking on him! This was simply incredible, honestly... I can't think of any better way to tell you how fascinating I found this insight into SS but to share that there were tears in my eyes when I was done reading it. Clare

Author's Response: Thank you! This was actually the first fic I wrote, and it was very intense to write. I'm glad you found it in character--and yes, I think I sympathize a bit more with Severus than Jo admits to....

guignou 2008.05.18 - 05:43PM 10: Epilogue: A Final Promise Signed
i actually enjoyed reading your story, despite the fact that i can't understand everything because i'm french... i think it was very well written ; before your story i never thought about the ways Snape had to protect the students and your ideas about it seem to be quite plausible ! i feel a little sad because this is (already) the end :( lots of congratulations and thank you for your nice story !

Author's Response: Guignou, peut-etre vous voulez lire la fiction en francais? EmmaD etes en train de la traduire; si vous allez a fanfiction.net, vous pouvez decouvrir memes les fictions propre a elle-meme et la traduction de cette fiction. Thank you for your review! I am glad you liked it; there are few things more flattering than to be told someone is sad it's over.

MW Waters 2008.05.17 - 09:51PM 10: Epilogue: A Final Promise Signed
APPLAUSE! I've added this wonderful story to my favorites. Very original, very interesting to read, very enjoyable. Congratulations on such a fine job!

Author's Response: I'm very flattered; thanks for your review.

kickthemoon 2008.05.17 - 06:01PM 10: Epilogue: A Final Promise Signed
This is incredible. One of the best (perhaps the best) pieces I've read on a fanfic site - truly! I suppose one could argue it's not a story as such since it lacks a plot, but I think it fills the gaps in DH brilliantly - whilst also showing Snape as I like to think of him at that point in his life - subtle, clever, ingenious, courageous and also with a high degree of self-awareness. Bravo. And now I'm off to read what else you've written!

Author's Response: Thank you for your review! I almost didn't post this because of the aforesaid lack of plot-- Snape in this piece has no conversations, even, with any other living being (which highlights his extreme isolation). Who'd possibly want to read that? So I am particularly glad to see you mention that flaw in the context of telling me how much you enjoyed the work. Thanks!

tigerlily2 2008.05.15 - 12:12AM 10: Epilogue: A Final Promise Signed
Very good! I still think that you should take us to the ultimate conclusion - tell us what Snape does to harm the enemy. Please? If not, it was still really good! Encore! =)

Author's Response: I am, I am working on a Headmaster Snape series; it's still very rough so I've only got it on my livejournal (terri_testing, if you want to check it out). It's also coming very nonlinearly--I've got chapters from his first week, chapters in May, not much in between. It starts strictly CC but the later chapters end up AU--for one thing, I think Snape functioning at the height of his powers does manage to detach most of his House from following Voldie, which we don't see in canon. Inter-House cooperation seems to be becoming the theme. If you want Snape harming the enemy, you might want to read how Snape manipulated the DEs into giving him a pair of stupid, incompetent, unattractive sadists as his new staff.

Author's Response: Oh, and if you REALLY want to read Snape harming the enemy--and have a strong stomach--look over at "Credit Where It's Due." It's a sabotage piece set shortly after Snape gets the Hogwarts position.

kittylefish 2008.05.15 - 12:11AM 10: Epilogue: A Final Promise Signed
i wanted to mention that i have appreciated the quotes you use at the start of your chapters to set the tone. well, it was awful reading the chapter where he realizes he might have harmed the children, and then where he realizes that he's probably meant to die soon. but of course, we all know how this all ended. : ( (that's why i'm here reading fanfic!) i have really enjoyed reading your version of these events. very thought-provoking as well as moving. well done.

Author's Response: I'm glad you mentioned liking the quotes; I was afraid I was overdoing it, but they did set a tone.... (Besides, some of my best reading has come from tracking down other people's epigraphs.) If I could visit the Potterverse, I'd like to read that Adrienne Rich essay to Dumbledore.... Thanks for letting me know that you enjoy.

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