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Reviews for A More Merciful Man

atheneblue 2009.03.22 - 12:08AM 39: Black Turncoat Signed
The close of the chapter was just perfect!

star_girl 2008.08.10 - 09:41AM 39: Black Turncoat Signed
This is a wonderful gem of a story and I'm not leaving my PC until I've read right to the end! I love that Slytherin are so exclusive they have their own street to shop in, I love Jane, I love the "friendship" between Snape and Lupin, and the fact he's a complete raving nancy. Ten out of ten.

NoxSomnium 2008.03.21 - 12:32AM 39: Black Turncoat Signed
Sad. Am I allowed to be glad that they finally figured out sexual intercourse does not actually fix anything? It's sad, but it had to happen. Now let's see what happens.

MW Waters 2008.02.12 - 08:22PM 39: Black Turncoat Signed
Reading your story melts into rereading favorite chapters which melts into dismay over delayed updates which melts into eating chocolate, which melts into checking for updates, which melts into reading new luscious chapters which melts into "A More Merciful Man" being one of my all-time favorite Snape fanfics. Sigh. Thanks for sharing your wonderful mind.

Ellyn 2008.02.11 - 01:21PM 39: Black Turncoat Signed
I get the feeling we're going to find out something very unflattering about Gash. At least, I keep wondering why his wife has withdrawn so completely from Princilla's life; just because she and her husband are pursuing private interests doesn't necessarily mean she wouldn't put in a public appearance now and then for the sake of appearances or that she wouldn't have a genuine interest in Princilla. She's either a very hard and selfish woman or there is something else going on. And when exactly is Severus going to realize that signing the contract will make four people miserable, himself included? Nevertheless, I reread your prologue to the first chapter, and I'm holding on to your statement that Severus is going to find happiness in this story, and I can't imagine he would be able to find happiness while married to Princilla.

masami 2008.02.11 - 07:46AM 39: Black Turncoat Signed
This is such a wonderful story. I love your Severus - proud and stubborn yet vulnerable - and Jane, who is so unapologetically herself. How are you going to turn this disaster around? Nobody should have to choose becoming an outcast for their love's sake, no love can bear that price, I think. Poor Severus, and poor Jane.

Carrot top 2008.02.09 - 09:19PM 39: Black Turncoat Signed
excellent chapter, please update soon

linda0506 2008.02.09 - 04:35PM 39: Black Turncoat Signed
I thought that was really wonderful. Bad Severus. If you are not a professional writer, you should be!!

Trickie Woo 2008.02.09 - 04:13PM 39: Black Turncoat Signed
I hope that Princilla is already pregnant with Draco's child. If prospective bride was pregnant by another man it would nullify any marriage contract that I know of in any culture and the injured party would be due a settlement. I would imagine it to be the same in wizarding culture. If he signs the contract and goes through with the marriage and say around 8 or 9 months later a white haired baby pops out of her he would have grounds for annulment. Wizard culture doesn't seem to sanction divorce, but honor is important to them, especially to Slytherins, so I would imagine an anullement would be the only possible course for a wizard under those circumstances. I wonder if the same reasoning would apply to a witch if her prospective bridegroom had impregnated another woman during their marriage negotiations? Princilla deserves to be a Malfoy, though I do like her father; Severus deserves to be loved by a woman and to to love that woman in return. They deserve to belong to each other. I think a marriage between them would have the full approval of Jane's mother because she loves her daughter and wants what is best for Jane's welfare. Please give me the happy ending I've spent nearly 2 years waiting for.

Deeble 2008.02.09 - 04:00PM 39: Black Turncoat Signed
Heartbreaking. He brought it on himself, of course, but he has little experience in healthy relationships.

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