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Reviews for Cool Hand Luke

duj 2017.08.12 - 07:34AM 1: Cool Hand Luke Signed
Website's back, and this is the first story I'm (re) reading. Still wishing you'd write some more of this...

duj 2014.06.22 - 08:21AM 1: Cool Hand Luke Signed
Fun story. I would have liked to see a bit more of Luke, though. Maybe if you ever write another chapter?

KarenDetroit 2009.06.21 - 03:37PM 1: Cool Hand Luke Signed
I think you should write the entire canon, the way it ought to be.

peskipiksi 2009.06.16 - 06:33AM 1: Cool Hand Luke Signed
This is fantastic! 10/10. Love the cardboard tube comment. And nice to see that Snape had some allies that year besides Dumbledore.

ghost owl 2008.05.14 - 08:59PM 1: Cool Hand Luke Signed
This was such a fun story to read! Who could imagine that Snape likes coca candies?! =D It's a surprise being able to laugh about something connected with DH. Great job!

sregner 2008.02.01 - 10:09AM 1: Cool Hand Luke Signed
This is awesome. Your doing a wonderful service to our favorite "good guy" death eater that unfortunately his author did not. Kudos to you

Overhill 2008.01.09 - 02:15AM 1: Cool Hand Luke Signed
I enjoyed reading this story very much. DH was such an intense book, and I am amazed you were able to create Snape's POV of how he managed to do the thing, and pulled in the various Vain!Snape AU fluff that's around (the extra-fluttery robes being an excellent over-the-top touch). That he had help (such as it was) of elves and portraits was necessary, as the staff and students would have been (for the most part) against him. Having his network of spies would explain how he was able to show up so quickly when the Carrows got put away, as well as the relative safety that most of the students found themselves in. (I wonder, too, how if the kids were acting when Goyle did most of his curses - competency not being his strong suit.) I went and looked at the pictures; very good illustrations. Have you considered posting them with your story? (For an example, see "Pumblechook" at Ashwinder.)

Author's Response: Hi there, thank you for your review! It is an interesting point about Goyle, I think it hangs on whether or not he really wanted to hurt others with his curses - intent seems to be the key rather than skill. I have considered adding the pictures to this - they are in fact embedded in the same story that has been submitted to TPP, but it would mean setting up yet another image hosting account and I have enough trouble keeping an eye on the 3 fanfic archives I post at and the deviantart account ;-)

LogicalQuirk 2008.01.08 - 08:22AM 1: Cool Hand Luke Signed
I haven't seen any funny stories set during DH before this one - very cute! Snape's prediliction for cola bottles and all of the House-Elf stuff was great.

Author's Response: Thank you! There are a couple of equally silly illustrations for this fic on my arty archive entitled "Behind the Scenes" and "In Front of the Students": http://camillo1978.deviantart.com/

testingt 2008.01.07 - 10:04PM 1: Cool Hand Luke Signed
Very funny. I think the verdancy is a little AU (unless I'm misled by the movies) but you're doing a nice job. I particularly like your use of language....

Author's Response: Hello, thanks for the review! JKR describes Dobby as having enormous green eyes. I simply extended the verdancy a bit as an homage to the phrase "little green men" - I don't think skin colour is mentioned in the books and the film people do pretty much what they want.

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