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Reviews for Betrayals

Saint Snape 2013.01.16 - 12:12AM 1: Requests Signed
Absolutely brilliant. Severus at his scheming, darkest best planning it meticulous out, fooling Voldermort and Lucius, then realizing a mannequin Lily isn't what he wants but the real thing with real love.

Author's Response: Thanks! Yes, I like scheming Severus. And he could have made it work....

rachel123 2009.04.19 - 11:57PM 1: Requests Signed
Really amazing. Maybe the best I've read. Snape was so in-character... and that ending summed it up so well. Tragic Snape. So dark, so brilliant, but still so good... So in love, which can't stop a person from being good. Ah...

Author's Response: Albus told Harry, it's our choices that show what we really are. If so, what I am is someone who is capable of appreciating Severus's choices(Blushes violently), thank you. And you, apparently.

Violet Azure 2008.02.29 - 07:45PM 1: Requests Signed
Wow! This blew me away. If there was a way to give this a 15 I would. I loved how you showed Snape's control, his cleverness and his scheming to get Lily to love him. I love how his plan was slow and deliberate and calculated. It was dark and erotic and it perfectly captured the obsessive nature of Snape. You described his psyche perfectly and the mental state of someone who is an abuser--someone who cuts off a woman from her friends and family and makes her wholly dependnet on him. This is Snape at his manipulative best. I also loved the refrain of "he could make it work." It undercuts the growing desperation and Snape's ability to self-delude himself. I also liked the gorwing erotic undercurrent in the work and imagined Snape hot and sweaty and aroused at the thought of possessing Lily. And then I loved at the end where Snape truly saw that he loved her and wanted to keep her safe, so he turned to Dumbledore. This was absolutely amazing and I am in awe.

Author's Response: Sounds like you observed what I was trying to do--on several levels, most of them not very nice--what I cared about was the temptation he RESISTED: "obsessive, slow, deliberate, calculated, dark, erotic... cutting a woman off from her friends and family". Self-delusion, yes indeed. And the increasing desperation, so glad someone acknowledged that! "De' Nile is a river in Egypt." Oh, I think our Severus knew that one. Or, maybe one should say, followed it to its source. And then turned elsewhere, which is why we (or at least I) care where he ended.... Thank you!! If you like manipulative!Snape, read my First Interview; I feel sure it will meet with your approval (crocodile--Nile--grin).

i3luebyrd 2008.02.11 - 11:36PM 1: Requests Signed
I love how you can really "hear" Snape's obsessive thoughts. It's like he comes up a plan, can't stop thinking about it, and refines it over and over. Very well done. Goes nicely with canon too... I could hear that part where he's begging Dumbledore to hide her. "Oh, and Potter and the boy as well... I suppose."

Author's Response: I'm glad you noticed the main theme and the appendix.... (oh, and the boy as well...) I tried to write this so it would slide in between canon scenes. Thank you for your review; I was trying to capture obsession in the way I was writing this. Yes, I do think that Snape was absolutely obsessed in the year between his betrayal and Lily's death, and that he has never fully recovered. Especialy if, as I posit, he really did have a way to preserve Lily's life--at a cost he/she refused to pay.

LogicalQuirk 2007.12.20 - 03:15PM 1: Requests Signed
How sad - Snape genuinely thinks he could have her, but knows it wouldn't really be her so sacrifices his own pleasure. And how very IC that he should be such a mastermind and schemer.

Author's Response: I doubt he was ever entirely sure he could have made the sacrifice had he not realized Moldy-shorts would never had let him keep her... I hope you enjoyed the scheming. Thanks for the review.

Deeble 2007.12.18 - 09:28PM 1: Requests Signed
Wow. That's powerful. The awfulness of the plan, and then the realization that it's impossible, that he won't really have ~her~ and wouldn't have the shell of her for long.

Author's Response: There's a sequel...

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