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Reviews for Necessary Ingredients

Bella_Portia 2008.05.26 - 05:13PM 1: Necessary Ingredients Signed
Oh, that Luna. Now, how would she know that? Was she put on earth to drive Professor Snape bonkers? It's beginning to look like Luna is Snape's herb-hunting, teacher-correcting, skipping personal nemesis.

Author's Response: That's my working theory. Luna is just pretty much there to add balance, levity, and annoyance to Severus' world. She can see right through him. Thank you for reading all these stories and reviewing them. Cheers!

Cuthalion 2008.04.15 - 07:04PM 1: Necessary Ingredients Signed
*applauds* Goodness, you get me positively hooked!

Author's Response: *blushes* Thanks! I'm so glad you enjoyed this and the other stories. I plan to write more. Cheers!

Dreamy_Dragon 2008.03.02 - 07:36PM 1: Necessary Ingredients Signed
Very nice :))) It makes sense that Luna would concentrate on what is said rather than be intimidated by Snape.

Author's Response: Thanks. Yeah, Luna is a trip, isn't she? I adore her character and think she's a good person to shake up dear Severus.

MithLuin 2007.12.18 - 10:06AM 1: Necessary Ingredients Signed
Nice! What makes this pair so interesting is that Luna is so *not* intimidated by Snape - it would throw him, wouldn't it?

Author's Response: Thanks. I agree Luna is an enigma to Snape. She just can't be rattled. That's what I like about pairing them together is that he is the darkness and she is the light.

snapesitter 2007.12.18 - 10:04AM 1: Necessary Ingredients Signed
I really like this one. The depth that you give to the Snape/Luna relationship isn't fleshed out enough in the books but fits perfectly with them.

Author's Response: Cheers, thanks a lot. Snape and Luna are an interesting pair. I wish there was more in the books about them, too.

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