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Reviews for I Have Many Skills

Neko Mata 2010.12.05 - 11:57AM 6: The Men Don't Know But the Little Girls Understand Signed
Loved your story and niiice outcome! -i have to lay my hands on such a rune! Keep on the good work!

Pajama Pants 2009.06.14 - 04:51PM 6: The Men Don't Know But the Little Girls Understand Signed
Damn I want one of those runes! No pesky inopportune times when the batteries run out! Bravo! I quite enjoyed this little romp.

Pajama Pants 2009.06.14 - 04:46PM 5: Runic Rhythms Signed
That was brilliant. I think my favorite bit was the line about Tonks' hiccuping cervix. Nicely evocative, that.

Pajama Pants 2009.06.14 - 04:35PM 4: Ensnaring Her Senses Signed
Oooooh, this was very, very good.

Pajama Pants 2009.06.14 - 04:20PM 3: Bewitching His Mind Signed
"A palpable sexual charge ran between them both." No kidding! I think it singed me!

Pajama Pants 2009.06.14 - 04:01PM 2: That's What Happens At a Death Eater Mtg?! Signed
Tonks and Snape are spot-on in this story. I'm quite amused.

Pajama Pants 2009.06.14 - 03:50PM 1: The Assignment Signed
Popping over here from the fangirl_tour. There aren't enough NT/SS fics in the world, I think. This one promises to be spectacular.

MollysSister 2009.06.10 - 05:12PM 6: The Men Don't Know But the Little Girls Understand Signed
I like the idea that their affair continues. Yippeee!!

MollysSister 2009.06.10 - 05:09PM 5: Runic Rhythms Signed
10 points to your house for remembering the contraceptive spell part.

MollysSister 2009.06.10 - 05:04PM 4: Ensnaring Her Senses Signed
I like how Tonks lost control of her hair color during sex! Im glad she held her body form at least! LOL

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