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Reviews for One Moon Later

duj 2014.07.02 - 03:19AM 1: One Moon Later Signed
The voices all sound right, but I can't bear to see the innocent-Lupin trope, even in a character's mouth and not the view of the author. From the moment that Lupin failed to alert Dumbledore that the other Marauders knew how to access the Shack, he was guilty. And Dumbledore should certainly know that. (Even if his mates were so squeaky clean that he could never in a million years suspect them of misusing the knowledge, he'd be in the wrong, and since the y're confirmed trouble-makers it was all the more imperative to speak up. They called themselves Marauders for a reason, and even if Dumbledore's not aware of the full extent of their crimes, he must surely know at least that they have a record as trouble-makers.)

Author's Response: I was very, very young in the Potterverse fandom when I wrote this; I wrote this, in fact, before I suspected ALBUS of anything except excessive, and perhaps misplaced, trust.... Now, I'd agree with you, and go worse. Though for me, the perennially-innocent-Albus of my early fics burns worse (in retrospect) than this innocent-Lupin. I'm very, very flattered that you think the voices sound right--that means a lot, from you! Thanks for your comment!

Sylvia Linslade 2008.01.17 - 02:34AM 1: One Moon Later Signed
i. Don't werewolves lose their minds when they transform (sans Wolfsbane)? Remus might have been told this, but how could he "remember"? Good voice, though. ii. Good James. iii. ... I'm just going to say nothing, this makes me so angry at Dumbles. (What's this about a "Tongue-Tie"?) iv. *aches for Severus* v. ...*slaps Sirius* and that's the least he deserves. Good Sirius voice.

Author's Response: Werewolves lose their minds when they transform--but we don't know that the reverse is true. Given how haunted Lupin seems, I felt free to assume the worst. (And he did know that there were "close calls"--i.e., near killings--when his friends had let him loose before.) I don't think he could remember anything his lupine mind couldn't comprehend, though. Regarding the rest, thanks for your compliments! As to Dumbledore, I can't imagine any force that would keep Snape from telling LILY at least the truth (as he sees it) except outright magical coercion. He stammers when he tries to set Lily straight; he doesn't even TRY to tell Harry the details of his version. Ergo, Dumbledore Tied his tongue so he can't speak of the matter. Re: Sirius: I'll hold him for you. I'm just about to post another drabble about this incident, called "Revising for the DADA OWL".... hope you enjoy it too.

LogicalQuirk 2007.12.11 - 12:21PM 1: One Moon Later Signed
I was fascinated to see different insights into the infamous prank; the fact that each segment felt like a slightly different voice was well done. And I liked the idea that Dumbledore Tied Snape's tongue - why else would he have kept silent all those years?

Author's Response: Thank you; that's what I was attempting to do, so I'm pleased you think I succeeded. As to the Tongue-tying--Sev spluttered incoherently when he tried (as he saw it) to set the record straight with Lily; he didn't even try to give Harry the details to convince him that James's motives weren't saintly; what else could it have been?

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