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Reviews for Severance Pay

lucymac 2013.09.21 - 05:09PM 1: Severance Pay Signed
This makes me laugh uproariously every time I read it. Great job capturing the ridiculous red tape.

Author's Response: Thanks! It all started because I was thinking of his names, and words starting with sev....

Scaranda 2007.12.16 - 12:56PM 1: Severance Pay Signed
Dear Mr or Miss Pullman, you do not say which, As of today's date I do not seem to have received your transfer. I can only assume that, like the rest of what calls itself the Ministry of Magic, your department is totally inept, probably as a result of being staffed entirely by Gryffindors. I look forward, more in blind faith than expectation, to its receipt. Yours sincerely Severus Snape

Author's Response: It's so hard to find competent help in a world filled with Gryffindors, Hufflepuffs, and the like! I've been enjoying yours, by the way--well, enjoyment isn't always the term.

Gina R Snape 2007.12.15 - 06:33PM 1: Severance Pay Signed
Heeeeeeeee. That would be so great, if that happened.

Author's Response: Snerf. One didn't have the impression that Wizard bureaucracy was better-run than ours.

CarmenAlegria 2007.12.14 - 01:20PM 1: Severance Pay Signed
Quite amusing. The messed up thing is, that sounds like something that would actually get sent out by the good folks at the Ministry. :D

Author's Response: What I'd like to know is, did his Gringotts account get credited?

Deeble 2007.12.14 - 05:34AM 1: Severance Pay Signed
I love that it's "not technically a violation" of his contract. (I suppose contracts won't normally include a clause about not killing your employer.)

Author's Response: An oversight I'm sure they've corrected. Er, I hope they've corrected.

Overhill 2007.12.13 - 11:42PM 1: Severance Pay Signed
This letter fits the style of the canon letters (esp. the ones in OotP - with the British stiff upper lip politeness), and how an owl can not only know where to deliever a letter, but to do so without being traced. This is a fun read. Thank you for sharing!

Author's Response: Thanks- I rewrote my first draft with Mafalda Hopkirk's letter in front of me for verisimilitude. Glad you enjoyed it.

kittylefish 2007.12.12 - 03:12PM 1: Severance Pay Signed
clever and funny. made me laugh.

Author's Response: Thanks!

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