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Reviews for Flying

Violet Azure 2008.02.28 - 09:19PM 1: Complete one shot, cross-posted to Lumos Signed
Awesome idea! Ever since I read about LV "flying" in canon, I was curious as to know how he did it and the image just gave me the creeps. I really like the thought you put into it, with Severus getting the idea from Lily and then working it to be a series of controlled falls. I also love the idea of Snape teaching Voldemort instead of the other way around. This was my favorite line: “If it doesn’t work, I leave you all my textbooks,” he said with dark humour. And dropped.

MithLuin 2007.12.06 - 11:57AM 1: Complete one shot, cross-posted to Lumos Signed
I like how you pulled both those details out of DH - both LV and Lily 'flying'. I hadn't made the connection before. And I agree that it seems rather...unlikely...that LV taught Severus the trick, as the observers supposed ;). Much more likely to be the other way around!

Overhill 2007.12.06 - 10:45AM 1: Complete one shot, cross-posted to Lumos Signed
Interesting take on Voldy's flying! I thought it was interesting that everyone was so surprised that he could fly unaided, as if no one else had ever done it before. And it took me a couple of rereads of the chapter to see that Snape didn't turn into a bat or a bird, but was flying unaided, and since Snape is smarter than Voldy, your story makes sense! And I like how you explained the "how to", and since Lily wasn't raised in the magical world, Snape's discovery probably didn't register, and besides, brooms are probably easier. (Like the story of the Asian monk who spent 50 years learning to levitate and walk above and across a water-filled chasm. The head of the monastery was not impress - "For two coins, you could have taken the ferry and been across it in an hour.")

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