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Reviews for Always

Bella_Portia 2008.05.26 - 04:53PM 1: Always Signed
Ah, that ending. We saw it coming, didn't we? Lovely story; the fantasy life sustain over all those years. Great job.

Author's Response: Yeah, this is probably my most predictable piece. I just wrote it to show a glimpse of what might have been. Plus I got to put my two sons in the story, so it was kinda cool. Those aren't there real names, but the character traits are the same. Cheers!

i3luebyrd 2008.01.06 - 04:52AM 1: Always Signed
How sweet! I think it is very believable for this to be Snape's unattainable ideal. And to think, it's so very simple. Simple and beautiful.

Author's Response: Thank you for the lovely comment. I am glad you found the story believable. I'm also glad you agree that he would seek simplicity. He had a very tumultous life and I truly believe he would appreciate just a sense of belonging and living a normal life. It is a tragedy, to me, that he never had that. It is truly a gift. By the way I am fond of your work, too.

snapesitter 2007.12.05 - 08:43PM 1: Always Signed
great story! loved the twist. normalcy can be extraordinary, and this story makes that poignantly clear.

Author's Response: Thank you. I believe Snape could appriciate normalcy or at least long for it, because it was something he was unable to have, that is what made it extraordinary. But it is definately something that is taken for granted, myself completely included.

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