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Reviews for A Tangled Web

roni0811 2014.07.21 - 04:51PM 19: Start of Term Signed
still a great story, even after chapie 19!

Kingpig 2013.07.14 - 11:26PM 19: Start of Term Signed
I can't wait for the next update!

Overhill 2009.10.17 - 07:21PM 19: Start of Term Signed
This is the only chapter I've read so far, and it's a good one. I appreciate how the 2nd years were going to be an extra challenge, as they need to unlearn Umbridge's brain-washing. At least this class was hard-working Hufflepuff - the other two classes might think that they know everthing already, and I would suspect Snape of quietly teaching Slytherins down in the Common room, without the other teachers' knowledge.

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it! Thanks for your comments.

ghost owl 2009.01.03 - 05:58PM 19: Start of Term Signed
ps I was wondering if you'll write about the DH too (possibly without the canon useless death of our hero?!)...

Author's Response: My plan is to write through the end of DH, yes. Which would definitely include the death scene. Sigh. I did not find it useless myself. Sad, yes, but a fitting and purposeful ending to his life. He died the way he and Albus always knew he might as long as he continued as a double agent/Death Eater - at the hands of Voldemort. SInce I've been awfully busy in RL lately...if you have not read it, you might give my one-shot "Return to Horwarts" a try. I envision it dropping right into this story as a chapter, when I get that far...

ghost owl 2009.01.03 - 05:56PM 19: Start of Term Signed
I greatly enjoyed your story: what's in fact better than finally reading only about Snape, instead of those bothersome Potter, Weasley and Granger?! I hope you'll not let this fic down: slow updates sound better that nothing at all :) I like this Severus: he's a skilled man, still snarky and all, but not the perfect unemotional spy that many writer love to depict. I really like your taking time for describing the life and feelings of the Malfoy family: while I don't love them, I like when they're not described as monsters... I hope to read more soon!

Author's Response: Thanks, I am glad you liked it! I'm not big on New Years' resolutions, but getting back to this is something I plan to do this year.

a1severuslives 2008.10.09 - 05:34PM 5: Good News and Bad Signed
'do clean up a bit- uou might scare your students' that was nice. Yes , Dumbledore and Snape must have had a reasonable camaraderie. I think Snape had a heart, he had been hurt a lot and could usually react in only a negative manner.

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked that line! Ilike to inject a bit of humor when I can, because Snape's story is mostly so bleak, the way I see it anyway... Thanks for taking the time to review!

a1severuslives 2008.10.09 - 05:23PM 4: The Dark Lord's Wrath Signed
Thanks for giving Voldemort a brain!

Author's Response: Well, I do think he has one. Anyway, it adds to the suspense and allows Snape to, as you say, "show his style" if he has a dangerous adversary. Thanks for the comment!

a1severuslives 2008.10.09 - 04:51PM 1: A Trap is Set Signed
Hello, I so love stories like yours where we get to see another POV. This is one of my favourite books of the series. Rowling doesn't credit Snape with anywhere near the intelligence or maturity she actually gave to him herself. Yet she never believes Harry is verging on complete idiocy on many an occasion with little mental capacity, (where she clearly places him). Thank you for your Snape, I only read fanfic now as it is where Snape gets to really show his style!

Author's Response: Hi! I am glad you like my Snape. I hope you continue to enjoy my take on the story "behind the scenes" of OotP/HBP. Thank you for your review!

Overhill 2008.10.05 - 08:06PM 7: The Problem of Draco Signed
I like how you've worked canon into this chapter. Umbridge was doubtless the best thing that could have happened for Voldemort - a whole year of students unable to progress in the course, and one can only surmised that the NEWTs level students flunked horribly, reducing the pool for Auror trainees.

Author's Response: Thanks, I'm glad you liked the chapter. I completely agree about Umbridge...in fact, I;ll probably touch on the disaster she was a a teacher again at some point in this story.

tigerlily2 2008.05.02 - 03:05PM 17: The Hogwarts Express Signed
Hey, thanks for the update! Another well-written chapter. I look forward to reading the rest!

Author's Response: Thank you for leaving a comment!

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