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Reviews for A More Merciful Man

SNAPECRAZY 2007.11.21 - 04:23PM 32: Shot Anonymous
I love this story and have been following since the very beginning. Please update soon!!!

moon_muse 2007.11.21 - 02:13AM 32: Shot Signed
another great update. :) Remus should know better by now to forget the chocolate. So what will severus spend his present on I wonder?

Trickie Woo 2007.11.20 - 10:13PM 32: Shot Signed
As much as I adore the chapters that tell of Severus and Jane together, and pant enjoyably when I read them, I have to admit that I have enjoyed the way you have let the friendship between Severus and Lupin come into being and the evolution of that friendship. Though I miss another account of the time he spends with Jane and what they are doing during that time, I thoroughly enjoyed this chapter. Lupin knows Severus better that Severus knows himself. If Severus ever gave Lupin the chance, he could explain it all to him and Severus would know that he had to make a choice: Jane with all her love, passion, and warmth, or a comfortable marriage to Princilla. I know that Lupin would prefer that he make the same choice that I hope to see, Jane. He wants Severus to be happy, but even more so, he wants to keep the friendship with Severus going. His relationship with his lover doesn't mean he must forego a close friendship with a man, straight or gay. Severus is the only contemporary male left to him with such a long connection and they have much in common, though superficially they seem to be poles apart. I think Lupin needs him and Severus is just beginning to see what a real friendship is like.

linda0506 2007.11.20 - 06:40PM 32: Shot Anonymous
Please do not leave it so long before posting the next chapter. Thanks!

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