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Reviews for Dark Coil

mkwiant 2012.10.05 - 10:28PM 24: Chapter 25 I think Signed
I tried to get on your yahoo group to view the pics... of Alan. You lucky duck. I imagine you were in heaven - that voice!

Sev Snape 2006.03.29 - 09:01AM 24: Chapter 25 I think Signed
You are lucky. Lucky. Lucky. Sadly, by the time I'm a famous author (which is the plan), Alan will probably be too dead to meet.

Run Wild 2004.10.11 - 02:16PM 24: Chapter 25 I think Anonymous
This has such a highly original plotline and I love it! You have managed to create a really credible and well fleshed out OC in Olivia, a heroine with a past, and the depth of personality to match it. One who, despite her recklessness, actually has and uses a brain. As I have said, I love the unusual plot ideas, for instance, the Celtic Brigit myth idea; the involvement of the Metropolitan Police (!); the legal theme which runs throughout; Olivia bravely exploring the secret chamber by Battersea Bridge – a la plucky gothic heroine style! There are some very effective and scary descriptions of the place at the beginning of Ch. 22. I also like the evocative image of Voldemort’s trapped maidens – what a dastardly piece of work he is!

Estrilda 2004.03.03 - 01:26PM 24: Chapter 25 I think Anonymous
Saw your note at ff.net about deleting there and moving here for good and from what I've read at LnLS lately about ff.net, it sounds like a really good idea. One problem with only having it here is that a lot of the LnLS fans don't come review here that often, so you might want to drop a note in the message room every once in a while - so having it at aff as well is a good idea, in my opinion. However, when I found this story in the Hogwarts Bod., I read as much as I could figure out in those nasty file folders, then I read what you posted here, then you sent me to ff.net and I read the rest in one sitting. I was getting really sucked in and then there was nothing for the longest time and I think I have forgotten the plot among everything else I am reading and will have to go back and scan or I'll loose the story. Anyway, if taking it off ff.net means that updates take even longer past chapter 41 I vote BIG NO. Otherwise, I am hoping that the rating goes higher into territory that will get you booted off ff.net anyway. You go girl! LOL Estrilda

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