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Reviews for Remorse

lie 2010.06.03 - 05:03PM 1: Remorse Signed
Only just found this story and I must say I wish this was in the books. It makes much more sense, who would go through all that for a high school crush its just insane! I can accept that someone would naturally feel particlar remorse for causing the death of a friend, especially if things had been bad between them before the end, and those events may have been the last straw that sent him to Dumbledore, but there has to be more than just that to sign your life away for. And for Dumbledore to have always been so sure, it had to be something bigger than "he had a thing for Harry's mum". Snape was one of the most interesting characters in what was meant to be children's literature since willy wonka. Niether darkness or light, proof you dont have to be 'nice' to be 'good'. We get all these snippets of backstory that make him seem so deep and complex and then the big reveal is just so ....disney straight to DVD. So anyway, mad fan ranting aside, I enjoyed your story and agree with annother review that this combined with whats in the books makes much more sense. you showed true remorse, not just stupid selfish high school nonsense but something real that Dumbledore would have had faith in. Thanks for sharing.

Author's Response: Thank you! It was well past midnight and my sister and I were reading the chapter in DH in which Hermione talks about the undoing of Horcruxes, and this thought came to me. A truly deep-seated reason that Dumbledore believed in Snape, backed by an act so powerful that it would be impossible not to believe. When we got to the end of DH, I was one deeply disappointed reader. I agree one hundred percent - Snape was a deeply complex person, with so much potential as a character and the concept that he would endure hell for the sake of a girl that NEVER loved him is unfathomable. I'm really glad that you enjoyed this story and thank you so much for the long, thoughtful review!

Shayla 2008.04.24 - 12:49PM 1: Remorse Signed
Quite powerful -- and the tale sits comfortably with my vision of "what would have been". Thank you...

Author's Response: I'm gratified that you think it powerful - I think it might be one of my better pieces myself. Thank you for reading.

tigerlily2 2008.02.10 - 12:47AM 1: Remorse Signed
Very good story! I enjoyed this one!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you dropped in to read it!

Freeyourmind617 2008.01.20 - 12:22AM 1: Remorse Signed
I like your version much better. It's too bad Rowling did not see the virtue in showing Snape as a character that chose the right side because it was right.

Author's Response: Thank you! I also thought it was a real pity that Rowling chose the cheesy "love conquers all" version of events, and also totally unbelievable that Snape would endure everything he did for almost two decades for that reason alone. Thanks for reading and reviewing!

memory 2007.11.27 - 01:29AM 1: Remorse Anonymous
Great idea, great writing. Congratulations!

Author's Response: Thank you, thank you! Glad you liked it!

potterverse 2007.11.25 - 09:51PM 1: Remorse Signed
Amazing. Your story is totally believable. I also think that both the explination in the book and your story can exist side by side, but I like how your story went into much more depth. Brillant!

Author's Response: Interesting. I definitely wrote it to be AU...but you might be right. Thank you for reviewing - I liked exploring this option!

Elise_Wanderer 2007.11.23 - 01:11PM 1: Remorse Signed
I agree - a much more satisfying (and plausible) explanation of SS's turnaround. A beautifully written account of the unmaking of a horcrux, through the one man who might be truly be capable of both its creation and its destruction. Well done!

Author's Response: I agree - Snape is the only person Rowling wrote who could both make and unmake such a creation, and I find that a fascinating idea. I was genuinely sorry that she did not make use of this particular idea. I´m glad you found it plausible!

handpfeather 2007.11.22 - 06:58PM 1: Remorse Anonymous
Outstanding! What a wonderful plot - Snape re-mending his soul. I love it!! Bravo!! ~H

Author's Response: Thank you! I´m glad you liked my version of events.

firefly124 2007.11.19 - 08:45PM 1: Remorse Signed
Excellent. I love how you've shown Severus feeling true remorse for the things he's done and choosing the difficult road of redemption.

Author's Response: Thank you! This Snape is hard to write - not the callous, older man I usually write, but a raw, exposed person. I´m glad it came across!

Yael Alexis 2007.11.19 - 05:59PM 1: Remorse Signed
I prefer THIS explanation on Snape's true colors rather than Rowling's. Bravo!

Author's Response: Thank you! Me too! I think this gives Snape a much more interesting character than Rowling´s age-old ´Love conquers all´ solution.

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