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Reviews for Slánaighear Ofrail An Seangharrá (Healers of Shanagarry)

LaBibliographe 2009.03.25 - 08:16PM 13: Sleep, Perchance to Dream Signed
Hah! So a little bit of swearing is the way beneath Snape's robes! With some singing thrown in. If anyone heard me singing I'd be thrown out. So Orra is singing about a sweet prince, but does she know she is singing about Snape? Or is she, really? What did she think had happened if she was pointing a knife into his chest? The 'goddesses'? talking at the beginning just confuse me. They've turned Snape's evil garments into a stone. So why did they do that? And apparently one of them is meddling with Snape's and Orra's erotic dreams. Bad goddess. Bad, bad! Sometimes I think I should just wait until a story is finished to read it. When too much time elapses between chapters (and that seems to be the norm for most writers), I forget details and then am befuddled about what is going on. Since I usually refuse to reread a story, I wind up with a lot of questions that have probably been in previous chapters which I've forgotten. So I apologize if I ask things I should know.

Trickie Woo 2009.03.04 - 11:57PM 13: Sleep, Perchance to Dream Signed
To quote from my email with a bit of editing: "You snuck that dream by me in 'Healers'. I looked at it and didn't see anything I hadn't already read until I got to the end. If nothing else, I'll bet she's wondering about his size." Anyway I really enjoyed that dream. Are we going to find out what Severus was dreaming, and will we get anymore dreams before the UST is resolved?

Author's Response: Her curiosity has been aroused. That naughty Niamh will interfere whenever she can do so without getting caught. I had to save something for you as a treat, ;) Thanks for everything - Pitt

Rose of the West 2009.03.04 - 11:32PM 13: Sleep, Perchance to Dream Signed
The way these two are healing and finding comfort with each other is so unhurried and delicate. It's lovely, even with the somewhat humorous bits of dealing with the less friendly locals, perhaps especially so.

Author's Response: Thanks Rose. It is defnitely an unhurried story in the text but the time line in the story has really only spanned two nights. The less friendly locals -- Murph's the only one with his suspicious mind -- I hope. Thanks for reading!

Trickie Woo 2009.01.06 - 04:20AM 12: Homecomings Signed
One thing I forgot to ask about, is Richard a moonshiner? Is that why Murphy is after him? Is that what Murphy meant when he said something about stirring the pot earlier?

Author's Response: Nah, Richard is just a trouble maker. I wonder if there are moonshiners elsewhere in the world. There is a strong history of that here in Western PA. There's strong current events to support that here as well. Not that I would know ANYTHING about that. Moonshine makes wickedly good cold medicine. IT does! Really!

LaBibliographe 2009.01.05 - 09:10PM 12: Homecomings Signed
So, have we met Morrigan, Brighid, and Niamh before? I know nothing about Irish(?) folklore so I'm totally confused as to why these three have shown up here. Why is Aideen making a play for Bill? I thought he was married (although I rather wish he weren't in this story. It might have been very interesting...) Why would Aideen assume Snape did anything to Orra? Was there some reason she would jump to the conclusion that Snape had - in the space of only a few minutes - managed to do something terrible to Orra so that she was gone? Weird. Maybe Snape should rethink his decision to live there. And now Aideen tells Snape to watch over Orra? That Aideen has a few screws loose - not to mention her loose knickers. And it sounds like Kellyn knows where the goods are, too. Is there going to be any sex soon? I think I'm being teased. I guess Orra misses her husband. Is he the one the Garda is trying to catch? Or was it someone's brother? I'm losing some of the details of the story. Aha, you've told us who these women are. Goddesses of this and that. What are they trying to accomplish with their sparkly stone sign? I'm confused about Orra's behavior, but I suppose that will come in its own time. Nice writing job, Pitt.

Author's Response: You have indeed met Morrigan but I don't believe I introduced that old crow by name. She's been lurking and watching for quite awhile. I'm sorry to confuse you. There is a connection between the three OC's and the three goddesses. Aideen is not making a play for Bill. She's not that loose. But, brothers are fair game. She's talking about something entirely different. It will be clear with the next full moon, I promise. Aideen, fortunately for me, is not the most logical or linear thinking of the three. She is flighty, easily distracted and definitely loose. Kellyn plays her cards much closer to her vest. She and Murphy have a history that goes all the way back to the only briefly mentioned incident between Orra and Murphy with a cross-burning. I hadn't intended on spelling out Murphy and Kellyn's relationship very explicitly, but, I also think I need to put some lemons on the table for decoration. Orra's husband is dead. Details forthcoming when Snape, sneaky bastard, manages to breach Orra's natural ability as an Occlumens. Liam was Orra's husband. Richard is his ne'er do well brother who is the person Murphy, the garda is looking for, in vain, at Orra's. In the past, Orra did harbor him out of family loyalty. The goddesses did not send the stone. Dagda changed Snape's cloak and mask as something for Orra to touch, see and hopefully interpret as a positive. Snape is a bigger doubting Thomas than even she is. He'll stay that way until he has first-hand proof of the girls' magical abilities, which is also not going to be seen until the next full moon. Yes, there will be much nakedness in the moonlight. As always, thanks for taking the time to read, question and review! Where's your next story, by the way? Not whining or pleading, really!

Rose of the West 2009.01.04 - 04:02PM 12: Homecomings Signed
I'm just following along, here. I'm not sure I get all of the connections, yet, but I enjoy speculating and seeing what comes next.

Author's Response: There's quite a few threads that I'm attempting to weave together for the final product. It is important that the three goddesses are watching the three women. Thanks so much for reading and commenting. Pitt

Trickie Woo 2009.01.04 - 01:47PM 12: Homecomings Signed
I read it again this morning when I saw it was posted, then I looked up the three goddesses and now I have a better idea of the 3 aes sidhe and who they are. The story of Niamh and Oisin is similar to the story of Persephone and Hades, but with the genders reversed. Brighid is the Celtic counterpart to Logi, especially Wagner's version of him. Morrigan is much more difficult to figure out, she has so many names and personifications that all lead back to the Morrigan when I looked them up. I'm looking at her as a warrior goddess who has power over death, because that fits with the story so far and it was part of the information I found out about her.

Author's Response: You've met Morrigan before, right from the start, but perhaps her form had not yet grown familiar to all ... She is the warrior goddess with power over death. While she did not interfere in Snape's escape from death, she was watching this warrior who had been given not only Dumbledore's protections, but the protections of a phoenix and the trio of girls/women she has been wtching over since they were young. If you look back, you'll find that old crow has been around before. Thanks for all your help, for reading, and for taking the time to "research" and comment. I am always unsure how much background I should give. Pitt

LaBibliographe 2008.10.31 - 02:47PM 11: Into the Confessional Signed
Orra is exceptionally prickly about taking any orders from men. She still sees Severus as someone trying to dominate her? She seems rather damaged (probably to do with her ex). I'm not surprised Severus is keeping his emotional distance from her - she emits signals of 'touch me not' which he, still not at his full strength and never outgoing anyway, is skittering away from at full speed. But I think he does trust her and would protect her with his own life - in gratitude. He isn't quite awake to her as an attractive female yet - well, maybe just a smidgen, which might grow if he and she can ever get past his past and her issues, not yet revealed. Now why do I think Lucius being marked with that symbol of the Dark Lord is utterly erotic? Oh, well, I think all of Lucius is erotic, so maybe that isn't much of a stretch. So we have questions about the Dark Mark and Dumbledore's Mark (if it was...) and Draco's allegiance complicating matters. Oh dear, Orra only knows the horrifics she saw using Lucius' Dark Mark. Now she has quite a skewed view of all the the wizards she was beginning to trust. I guess we'll find out what Orra meant by reconciliation later. Does she believe that being a confessor is like being handed a 'get out of jail free' ticket for Snape? Her puny Muggle religion isn't going to suddenly absolve Snape of the sins he is crushed by. He will be more affected by her support and belief in him as a human, a woman. If he can continue to open himself to her. Now, the question looms, can she open herself to him? LaBib

Author's Response: Yes, Orra has many man issues. She's been alone for quite a while now and not really ready to accept someone into her life. She's going to struggle with sharing her home. Snape: never outgoing anyway = understatement of the year! I think he trusts that Dumbledore trusted her and had an ulterior motive for entrusting his well-being to her. I think of Snape as being much more protective of everyone. I truly think that he had good intentions behind quite a few of his actions; masked by his personality. He saved Harry just how many times after all? I like to think he took the Headmaster post as a way of trying to insulate the students from the Carrows. Assigning Ginny detention in the forest ... sounds a lot like the very first book does it not? He's only just realizing he's agreed to share a house with a woman. Should be an interesting adjustment ... Lucius is erotic, dangerous, dastardly, and dumbfoundingly delicious. After seeing events through Lucius' eyes, poor Orra's already skewed vision of wizards has really gone diagonal. By confessor, she means only that she does not need him to list his sins in all their gory detail. For her, his current intention and character are the most important keys in deciding to trust him. She's not going to let him have a get out of jail free card. She doesn't feel she's worthy of even offering such a thing. The most important question still looms large, hanging just over the horizon ... As always thanks for taking so much time and care in reading and reviewing. PW

star_girl 2008.10.30 - 02:32PM 11: Into the Confessional Signed
Glad you're writing again. You can't force the muse any more than you can deny her, sadly. But I'll look forward to seeing what happens with interest.

Author's Response: The muse has abandoned me for warmer waters I'm afraid. I'm so glad to see I haven't lost you. Thank you for reading and reviewing. PW

Rose of the West 2008.10.30 - 02:19PM 11: Into the Confessional Signed
Trickie Woo suggested I look at your story and so I have. I like your trio of OC's. There are a lot of deep thoughts here and I will be very interested to see where it all leads.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for taking the time to read. I hope I don't disappoint you or embarrass dear Trickie. PW

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