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Reviews for To Make the Heart Grow Fonder

Textualsphinx 2007.11.12 - 05:22AM 1: To Make the Heart Grow Fonder Anonymous
That was exquisitely painful and true to situation and character. Poor Severus - virtue does have to be its own reward for him over and over. I particularly liked the moment when the spilt amortentia wafts its fading scent over him like memories and hopes lost, whilst Lily wonders why she can smell James's awful cologne. It does set up the SWM scene and *why* Severus lashed out at Lily much more tellingly than did the disjointed narrative of 'The Prince's Tale'.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I agree with you about Severus: often his only reward for his virtue is the cold comfort of knowing he's done the right thing. I would have liked to give him a happier ending, but with the people involved, it just wasn't to be. I'm especially pleased to hear that this makes sense to you re: SWM, because like you, I felt that 'The Prince's Tale' just didn't illuminate that relationship the way it should have done. I set out to try and present something that would explain why they splintered apart, and I'm thrilled that you like the result.

potterverse 2007.11.10 - 07:22PM 1: To Make the Heart Grow Fonder Signed
What a lovely story. I especially liked the aromas you chose to describe what love smelled like for Lilly and Severus. I think for Snape you hit it right on the head. Sweet and tragic.

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed the scents, and thought that they fit the characters.

johnbly341 2007.11.10 - 12:36AM 1: To Make the Heart Grow Fonder Signed
Really well-written, but so bittersweet. I was concerned that Severus was either going to do it or something or someone else was going to stop him. I love the way you had him come to the right decision on his own.

Author's Response: Thank you for reading and reviewing! Yes, it is a very bittersweet piece; I realized shortly after starting it that with the personalities involved, there would be no way that it could end well, no matter how much I'd like to give Severus a happy ending. I thought that it was important for him to make the right decision on his own, so I'm glad that worked for you.

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