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Reviews for Shadows

AmyLouise 2008.07.30 - 12:13AM 3: 3 The Burrow Signed
I've read this far almost against my own inclinations - I'm not really into slash, and finding all of the adults to be gay was almost too much for my head. But it's a really original story, and very well-written; I'm enjoying it very much.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for that, AmyLouise. I hope you enjoyed the rest.

Lill Snape 2008.04.29 - 05:09PM 3: 3 The Burrow Signed
lol - leave it to Molly. Wow - Lucius in a belly-laugh, etc. - too much. Well done. Another great story line, looking forward to the next part. Thanks for sharing. (Shadows - Chap 3)

Author's Response: Glad you're emjoying it. Thanks for that.

Isode 2008.01.31 - 07:04PM 2: 2 Decisions Signed
Your story is very compelling. I usually don't read slash, but your plot is outstanding and your writing flows well. What battle brought the children into these makeshift orphanges? I am also curious why so few witches?

Author's Response: Many thanks for your comment. The story is obviously AU but I have used the troubles at the time of James and Lily's death as the "war". My thinking behind the "few witches" is that Voldemort's genocidal traits would have viewed them as breeding stock, and in culling them he could effectively cut off the next generation before it was born. I hope that makes sense!! Many thanks again, Scaranda

leading light 2007.12.01 - 06:11PM 9: 9 The Hunter's Moon Signed
That was a wonderful piece of work. Great descrptions, great characters, great climax,everything was good. Thanks for sharing such a lovely tale. you must have some imagination.

Author's Response: Thanks very much for that. I'm so glad that you enjoyed it. Thanks again.

Myene 2007.11.30 - 05:37AM 9: 9 The Hunter's Moon Signed
good story, but its done there? it stikes me as a rather odd ending. and if it is done there, who was the cat?

Author's Response: Thanks for reading the story and commenting, Myene. At the risk of posting a spoiler in this reply I'll just say that the cat was exactly as she was described. Thanks again for reading.

Stella 2007.11.29 - 12:25PM 8: 8 The Riddle House Anonymous
This story just gets better and better. Hoping for more soon.

Author's Response: Thanks so much, Stella. The final part will be posted very soon. Thanks for sticking with them.

Marcianne 2007.11.27 - 12:35PM 1: 1 Hiding Anonymous
You have created a wonderful atmosphere. I suspect the end is nigh as they say, and I'll be sorry when this fic is complete. The bit with the cat was masterful, I don't want to say to much to spoil its view for anyone who hasn't read it yet, but that was a very clever way of letting us see just what Riddle is about. Well done

Author's Response: Thanks very much for that. I have to admit I've used Severus's cat a couple of times in different fics. I rather like her. Thanks again

Hansolo869 2007.11.27 - 01:41AM 8: 8 The Riddle House Signed
This is really great! I love it!

Author's Response: Thank you very much for that. Hope you enjoy the rest.

Brian Anto 2007.11.22 - 07:16PM 7: 7 The Dark Lord's Fancy Anonymous
another stunning chapter. Voldemort's madness and his fixation with Severus is super. Cant wait to see how this spins out

Author's Response: Thanks for that. I rather like this Voldemort (bad boy syndrome, I know). More posted soon. Thanks again.

Arcane 2007.11.18 - 06:50AM 1: 1 Hiding Anonymous
I agree, not so much slash as a beaultifully exectuted story with men as the central characters. Can't wait for the next update

Author's Response: Thanks very much for that. I'll be updating soon.

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