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Reviews for Caught In Between

Moira of the Mountain 2012.03.04 - 02:36PM 1: Caught In Between Signed
I think what strikes me here is that you've shown Severus to be the child of both parents. So many stories depict Tobias as the brutish lout and Eileen as the long-suffering victim - but let's not forget, the woman was a WITCH - she could easily have put Toby in his place if it weren't for the fact the two of them appeared to feed off one another (so typical in many abusive families) - and where did Severus get all his awareness of the Dark Arts if not from his mother? So, a very believable balance here, in your story.

potterverse 2007.11.12 - 09:33AM 1: Caught In Between Signed
I was touched by your story. I also believe that Severus is a very misunderstood and wounded character. I wrote a story about him and Lily called Small Comfort that has similar themes.

Author's Response: Thank you...I see Severus as a man made by circumstances, this was just a bit of background I did. I might want to try something about his deatheater days too some day. Everyone seems to avoid that but there must be a reason he gave in to Voldemort

Cuthalion 2007.11.01 - 05:53PM 1: Caught In Between Signed
Painful and utterly believable. Amazingly well done.

Author's Response: Thank you! I was getting afraid no one liked it, so I really appreciate the response. :)

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