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Reviews for Therapy

HandPFeather 2007.10.28 - 10:39PM 1: Therapy Signed
Interesting take on this situation. I expected more condescension from Snape - Ginny was spot on! Thanks. ~H

Author's Response: Snape does not hate Ginny as much as he hates Harry and Neville. He's a *smidgeon* turned down with her class. And she must look at least a little tiny bit like Lily. I think he only came to resent her once she helped Harry recreate James+Lily before his eyes. But I agree that I probably made him too nice ;). Thanks so much for the review, I really appreciate it!

LogicalQuirk 2007.10.22 - 11:59AM 1: Therapy Signed
I love the idea of this - of course Snape would employ techniques like this to get information he wants! How frustrated he must have been at Dumbledore's refusal to tell him everything. His very Snapeish moment of kindness at the end is a nice touch too.

Author's Response: Yes...I wanted to make his motives ambiguous. I of course thought of the story as him helping Ginny...but his 'real' motives come out in the process. Dumbledore is sooo frustrating! Glad you liked the idea, and thanks for reviewing, Logical Quirk!

Overhill 2007.10.16 - 12:41AM 1: Therapy Signed
Ah, a Teacher!Snape story. I suspect that the teacher is the one who is doing the learning. And for what reason? To help Ginny? To learn more about Lord V./Tom Riddle? To find out what exactly the book did, what its purpose was? So he does find out what she had told the headmaster. And he did get her to quit shuffling fearfully around the school, thereby proving once again that Snape was, indeed, and in his own way, a teacher. Good job!

Author's Response: Thanks, Overhill! Snape certainly has something in this for him. He is clearly curious to learn what, precisely, her relationship with Tom Riddle was. And his professional curiousity is piqued by the concept of the really Dark Magic diary ;). If he happens to help her out in the process, so much the better.... But yes, I'm a teacher, and I really don't think he sincerely hated all of his students. Just Longbottom and Potter! :D

Pearl Took 2007.10.15 - 01:48PM 1: Therapy Signed
Heh. He's awesome. Really, er, sensitive counselling techniques there, Snapie, none of this "non-directive" nonsense! Ha. I kind of like how Ginny would not be that intimidated by him, although I notice she doesn't fancy detention any time soon. Can't say I blame her. At least now we know who to blame for her personality transformation - our favourite Potions master! This is a lovely filling-in-the-gaps story, Mith, and it's as meticulously researched as ever. :)

Author's Response: Thanks, Pearl! Obviously, he has mixed motives. 'Fixing' Ginny crosses his mind, but finding out more about Tom Riddle somewhat trumps that concern. Maybe. It's so hard to tell with him ;) Glad you liked it!

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