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Reviews for The Doctor Is In

caledoniandream 2012.04.04 - 01:51PM 14: Chapter 17 (Melli) and Chapter 18 (Cyndi) Signed
This was a very fun story! Sitting here alone, I actually LOL'd quite a few times. Hot stuff!

Author's Response: Thank you! We had a blast writing it.

SataiDelenn 2011.08.29 - 02:04AM 10: Chapter 11 (Debbie) Signed
OMFG! I could NOT stop laughing!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You ladies are pure genius!!!

Author's Response: On behalf of the writers of ARWOW, we are so glad you enjoyed it!

Sexualstellarness 2010.05.30 - 11:34PM 13: Chapter 16 (Jesse) Signed

Author's Response: So glad you enjoyed it!

Electa 2009.09.14 - 03:09AM 1: Prologue (Pam) Signed
I literally did a spit take like you see in the movies when I read this. There is so much potential for fun in this story. I don't know how I didn't come across this sooner.

Author's Response: Thank you, glad you found the story!

Elfrida 2009.03.05 - 06:01AM 9: Chapter 10 (Pam) Signed
'Severus could just make out the form of his new best friend.' Your chapters are great. And the Fellatio Ad Nauseum hex as Grindelwald's downfall. Superb.

Author's Response: We had to make up for the hemorrhoid chaper...

Elfrida 2009.03.05 - 05:47AM 7: Chapter 8 (Debbie) Signed
Snape with hemorroids. The thought of him wiggling around in a chair just amused me through your whole chapter. Very nice.

Author's Response: Something so compelling and horrible as seeing Snape suffer such an indignity... it brings out the worst in us!

Elfrida 2009.03.05 - 05:18AM 1: Prologue (Pam) Signed
I can't believe I haven't come across this story sooner! "There was gonna be such a medical problem in a few minutes..." It took me forever to stop laughing and read the rest of the chapter.

Author's Response: "Thanks Elfrida, I enjoy making people laugh. I am glad I could keep you entertained for a few mintues :)" --Pam

The Jinx 2008.10.02 - 07:09PM 14: Chapter 17 (Melli) and Chapter 18 (Cyndi) Signed
I love the round robin idea. Very clever story.

Author's Response: Thank you; we had fun writing it.

serpenta 2008.03.19 - 03:26PM 14: Chapter 17 (Melli) and Chapter 18 (Cyndi) Signed
I thought it was a brilliant description of what could happen to our beloved Potions Master if he was given such a job. Bravo on a well made story. P.S. I wish there was another chapter to tie off lose ends to Hermione and Snape's relationship or dream.

Author's Response: On behalf of ARWoW, thank you!

Msbehaving1222 2008.02.19 - 11:01AM 1: Prologue (Pam) Signed
It is unbelievable how much this made me giggle. It is just too hilarious..love it!

Author's Response: Thank you!

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