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Reviews for Snape's Portrait

Nephthys 2017.02.21 - 08:21PM 1: One-shot Signed
Wonderful story. Snape is perfectly in character, darkly witty and sarcastic just the way we all like him <3

samusaran101 2013.10.17 - 07:39PM 1: One-shot Signed
Amazimg story! Honestly, it was great! 10/10!

duj 2013.06.10 - 05:02AM 1: One-shot Signed
Just happened to re-read this story and the reviews. I know my last was years ago, so maybe someone has pointed it out already, but I'm a bit obsessive-compulsive and I had to tell you that, in fact, Lupin did believe Sirius to be guilty of betraying the Potters and murdering the Muggles, and therefore he did betray Dumbledore that entire year that he was employed there. And therefore Dumbledore was wrong about him.

ccognett 2012.08.04 - 04:35PM 1: One-shot Signed
What a sweet story. Very true to the characters, I think. Kudos!

marilyn 2011.05.29 - 08:06AM 1: One-shot Signed
I have just read this story again, I never get tired of it. Whenever I want to have the Snape-Feeling I know which story to read. Your Snape-ism is really the best I have come across so far, even better than in the original books. Thank you!

saraband16 2010.05.07 - 12:13PM 1: One-shot Signed
Oh my God. All through this wonderfully written, totally in character story I kept trying not to cry. But when Snape was looking at the picture of him and Lily the flood gates broke. That was tremendous. Thank you a billion times over for writing a fitting epilogue for Snape and Harry...so much better than canon, I have to say.

witte heks 2010.01.13 - 06:11AM 1: One-shot Signed
Wow that was beautiful. I had tears in my eyes. As someone mentioned before, this is what JKR should have written at the end of Deathly Hallows.

meteoritestrike 2009.08.23 - 10:44AM 1: One-shot Signed
I love this story!

morgaine_dulac 2008.10.20 - 04:08AM 1: One-shot Signed
Now this is the epilogue JKR should have written. Thank you very much for sharing it. /M

Author's Response: Yes, I couldn't quite get 'closure' (to use a wanky therapy-speak word) from JKR's epilogue! Thanks for the kind review.

d_monica 2008.10.10 - 02:58PM 1: One-shot Signed
nigh unto heartbreaking; very perfect, very sweet, yet still very in character.

Author's Response: Thank you very much - glad you liked it.

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