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Reviews for Potomac

amr 2007.09.18 - 03:15PM 22: Chapter Twenty-two Anonymous
So, Moody's colluding with Yaxley? Or just being ornery? (I know--wait for the next chapter and I'll find out.) Thanks for answering my previous queries. I'm not usually this muzzy but I'm down with a bad cold and I'm afraid very little makes sense this week. It seemed to me, though, that Snape could have put Yaxley in prison without the charade in the cell. I know he wanted to learn something, but apparently he hasn't. Why, then, is he feeling like Harry does when he's just about to catch the Snitch? Is that to do with Moody, too? (I suppose I should go back and re-read.)

Author's Response: No worries! I love that you give me feedback.

Moody's is just nursing an old grudge. This is the same antagonism from OOTP, and a lack of trust in 'the spy'.

Yes, the charade in the cell was a ploy to learn as much as he could to help Amanda, but he ran out of time.

The Snitch is in reference to the fact that Severus has been playing mind games with Yaxley. Just sending him to prison wasn't enough. He wanted to break the man, and letting him think he could escape justice then crushing that hope was the last step.

Yes, Dr. Crane is skirting the 'Dark Side' by using his clinical experience to settle a score.

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