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Reviews for The Mourner

Tayafeth 2010.10.24 - 09:38AM 1: Chapter 1: The Return of the Phoenix Signed
Gorgeous story. I've never read Silas Marner, but this story makes me think I might enjoy it.

sindie11 2008.04.08 - 05:14PM 4: Chapter 4: The Parcel Signed
I love this story so far! This quote from this chapter sums up Severus's life perfectly: "Even after all this time, Harry is nothing more to him than a bitter reminder of how he has loved — continues to love — Lily without return, that Lily betrayed him as much as he betrayed her — choosing James, having his son. Even after all this time, Harry is nothing more to Severus than a reminder of his horrible mistakes, of his role in causing Lily’s death, of the regret he’s endured daily since." Thank you!

odogoddess 2008.03.21 - 08:11AM 9: Chapter 9: Chosen Signed
Simply beautiful. Very much what should have happened instead of what was given us, esp. as re: Severus. Thank you for this story and for rectifying that horrid epilogue.

Kristal River 2008.01.20 - 08:05PM 9: Chapter 9: Chosen Signed
Wonderful story. I think it needs a sequel.

greenwood 2008.01.05 - 06:58PM 9: Chapter 9: Chosen Signed
What a heart felt wonderful story you have written here. I was waiting for the reintroduction of the Malfoys (last chapter) and the emotions it was going to cause. I really liked how Severus reacted to the whole thing and how in this chapter he gives his Order of Merlin to her. I thought your closing this story with Severus finally writing the letter to Harry so moving. I never thought I would love a story so much that didn't have Severus in love with a "lover" before but you did it and did it so well. You made him a wonderful person. Thank you for sharing your talant, dreams, and love of Severus with us to enjoy!

greenwood 2008.01.03 - 11:16PM 2: Chapter 2: The Bravest Man He Ever Knew Signed
I know I am coming into this story late but I had to take a moment and make a comment here. This chapter was so nicely done. I loved the scene with the boys and how Harry made all the connections for us to Snapes past. The ending had tears in my eyes too. Great story so far.

halloweenbaby 2008.01.02 - 07:46PM 9: Chapter 9: Chosen Signed
Daphne, this is a lovely ending, very satisfying. And despite owing allegiance to Silas Marner, it is strong on its own. The moment Severus sits down to write to Harry, after all those years, he becomes a whole man. Lovely.

amr 2008.01.01 - 10:52AM 9: Chapter 9: Chosen Signed
This was a quite, quite lovely way to end this story. You brought tears to my eyes halfway through and I didn't stop crying until the end. The letter you've had Proserpina encourage Severus to write is exactly the sort of conscious, conscientious attempt at reconciliation that I had hoped for in Rowling's seventh volume. The weird and rather icky emission of his memories at the point of death and under battle conditions just didn't have the power that a more resolved-upon sharing would have been. The story as a whole has been very well done. It has a very 19th century texture, without violating the timeline explicitly, and that works very well with Snape. I admit I've been constantly looking for evidence of "A Winter's Tale," which you initially said was an inspiration for it, but going back just now, I see you've removed that bit, and presumably the corresponding bit of the plot. Good decision, I suspect. It's hard to imagine how anything could make this better.

Rodasons 2007.12.30 - 05:55PM 9: Chapter 9: Chosen Signed
This has been one of my favorites stories! I love the way you wrote our Severus. Perfect! And, I have read Silas Marner, so I recognize the "loosely based on" parts. To me, the feeling was the same after reading the book than after reading your story. So Rating = 10 for you! Happy new year! Imma

Mimmom 2007.12.30 - 12:11PM 9: Chapter 9: Chosen Signed
I really enjoyed this story. I like that Severus gets something good in his life and his able to deal with all the sadness and despair of his earlier life.

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