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Reviews for Potomac

amr 2007.09.16 - 06:09PM 21: Chapter Twenty-one Signed
You're getting all inscrutable again. What's in the letter? Is it the same thing that's in the paper, that makes the Hogwarts faculty accept his innocence? And if so, why is he being imprisoned with a Death Eater? Surely there's such a thing as bail. I'm puzzled. And what is "the best wedding present of all"? Revenge? They've already got Amanda back. And I thought it was Macnair whose Death Eater activities needed proving? And in what sense was Yaxley "dominant"?

Author's Response: Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Let's see if I can offer some insight.
n the letter, Remus is breaking the Fideleous Charm--or, more accurately, leaking some of the information that was controlled by him. The paper contained information that the wizarding world at large needed to know; the letter contains extra information for McGonnagal alone and some form of threat in the post-script. Potter stepped between them, and quietly assured her that Remus Lupin was to be taken very seriously, especially regarding the post script-- which must have been written after Samuel had seen the letter. (from Chapter 21)
Why is he being imprisoned with a Death Eater? Hmm... perhaps things are not entirely as they appear. Bloody fool. You should have confessed. Now, I'm going to make you pay for dragging me from my comfortable office. (also from Chapter 21) Severus doesn't seem especially worried about injustice or his own freedom here...
The best wedding present of all? Returning Amanda--a close friend to Potter, and Ron Weasley's (ex-?)girlfriend--to physical and emotional health. The catch? If one of her captors escapes justice, her physical and mental security will likely be shattered.
Macnair is a fugitive from Azkaban already. He was captured in cannon OOTP at the Department of Mysteries debacle. "Macnair isn't the problem, prof--, I don't even know what to call you anymore. Setting Yaxley free for lack of evidence is unacceptable. Unless Amanda can testify--" (from chapter 19)
Regarding Yaxley's 'dominance': Severus doesn't know enough about the current 'relationship' between those men, other than they were apparently partners in crime. His assessment of who was 'top dog' is a general accounting of what he personally knew of each man, five years before. Macnair was still a killer. Yaxley must have become quite dominant to have held the other wizard in check for nineteen days. (from chapter 21) Severus believes that if Macnair were the one making the decisions, Amanda would have been killed outright, not tormented over nineteen days before her captors were apprehended. That means that Yaxley must have been calling the shots, and Severus finds that puzzling because he believed the man to be a 'follower', not a 'leader'.

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